The reason why Globe Cult believers ask stupid questions about Flat Earth

   The reason is simple, and applies to each and every one of them : IGNORANCE. The globe cult believers are ignorant people. By choice.

   In this age, when tons and tons of information are one click away, refusing to look for answers to your questions, ignorance is a choice. All flat earthers had the same questions, but they decided to find the answer, not by ASKING, but by researching what answers were already out there.

   And we started with researching the HELIOCENTRIC MODEL.

   We are witnessing a paradox : globe cult believers are defending the heliocentric model, while in the same time, they know NOTHING about the model they defend. They are attacking the Flat Earth model, while in the same time, they know NOTHING about the model they attack.

   There is a saying : “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”. Well, since late 2014, until today, the above saying is no longer true, thanks to the globe cult believers. 100-150 years ago, this saying was true, because access to information was quasi-inexistent.Ignorance, back in those times, was a given. Today, it is a choice.

   Today, nobody whould ASK questions. Today, everyone should debate ANSWERS, because the answers are already known. Every possible question you can think of, was already answered. The answer can be wrong, or incomplete. 

   When you see most globetards asking : “How seasons work on a flat earth?”, “How day and night cycle works on a flat earth?”, “Are all the planets flat?”, “Why can’t we see the North Star from Southern hemisphere?”, “Where is the edge?”, “Why I can’t see Japan from California?” or ANY other question, you understand that they haven’t spent a single second in finding the answers.

   And this proves that they chose IGNORANCE over KNOWLEDGE. Their questions were already answered, thousands and thousands of time. If they would spent the time in finding those answers, they would not ask questions, they would DEBATE THE ANSWERS. Most globe cult believers choose to be ignorant, because they are also lazy. Laziness is what stops them to spend time, and use your brain, in finding and analyzing the answers to their questions. It is the worst combination ever, ignorance plus laziness, that we, flat earthers, fight against, on a daily basis, not trying to convince anyone that the world is flat, but trying to convince everyone to USE THEIR BRAINS.

   We, flat earthers, also ask questions. But our questions do not ask for an explanation. Our questions ask for a debate of the possible explanations that already exist. We don’t ask “How seasons work on a globe?”, because we already KNOW the heliocentric explanation. We don’t ask “How the night and day cycle works on a globe?”, because we already KNOW the heliocentric explanation.

   We ask questions like : “How the atmosphere can exist next to a vacuum?”, because we already KNOW the heliocentric model explanation, but we also KNOW that the vast majority of the globe cult believers DO NOT KNOW their own model explanation. We do not ask questions because we NEED an answer, we ask question in order to FORCE the ignorant globe believers to LOOK for the answer…and answer we already KNOW, but we do not accept it, hence, forcing a debate.

   I have been following FB and YouTube since late 2014, for statistical purposes only. The globe believers ask the same questions, day after day. Questions that were already answered. This is good, because it is always NEW people asking these questions. And a growing part of those people become flat earthers. 

   The main reason WHY our numbers grow (we already passed 10% of the adult population) is because our explanations are not only logical, but also observable and testable. The heliocentric model explanations are EXCLUSIVELY mathematical and impossible to understand for most people, or convoluted and full of errors, or require a theory that was never and will never be proven.

   Accepting an explanation is hard, if that explanation is against your BELIEF. All flat earthers were globe believers. No exception. We could have rejected those explanations, but we did not, because we want to KNOW, not to BELIEVE. The first step in knowledge is to accept different point of views, even if they are opposite to what you believe or what you think you know.

   If you can accept an opposite point of view, you will understand and know the reasons why someone have an opposite point of view. You can than CHOOSE which point of view is the one who is most logical, not the one that suits you better. But if you don’t KNOW the reasons why flat earthers are flat earthers, and if you REFUSE to know their reasons, you will also ask dumb questions, and you will be perceived as a dumb person.

   The globe believers say that we, flat earthers, do not accept their explanations because we refuse to look into their explanations. Well, we ALREADY KNOW their explanations, and we ALREADY LOOK INTO their explanations, and those explanations are full of shit.

   The flat earthers say that globe believers do not accept their explanations because globe believers refuse to look into their explanations. And flat earthers are right, because only a LAZY IGNORANT, by CHOICE, is capable of asking “How do seasons work on a flat earth?”, when the answer is already known, it is entirely possible, logical and observable, proving that whoever ask such a question, did not spend one second in looking for the answer.

   Whatever that answer might be.


Flat Earth Education.


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