Google is scared of Flat Earth – manipulating YouTube metrics

   Not even a week ago, when typing “flat earth” on the search box on YouTube, and filter the results by upload date, the number was close to 22 million. Today, this number, using same filter, is 13.3 million.

   This is the third time when Google (YouTube belongs to Google) is cutting deep into Flat Earth. But this time they did it by almost 50%, while first 2 times it was 25% and 15%.

   Why this massive cut in our metrics… NOW? 

   Well, simply because we were on par with Donald Trump on YouTube, and we would clearly go above in a very short time. And this proved, without a doubt, that our numbers are HUGE. And this is scary for the establishment and globe cult believers.

   Google can cut our numbers again and again and again…it won’t matter. Their simplistic view on how to cope with the Flat Earth tsunami is not going to work. We’re above 15% of the adult population worldwide, today, and by the end of this year, 20% or probably more.

   Manipulating metrics on Google Trends and YouTube might have worked back in 2015. Today, it’s too late. It’s like everything they (and by they, I mean the establishment) do against Flat Earth is always too late and always backfires. It’s like they are unable to stop us, or they do not want to stop us.

   Either way, it’s coming. And they cannot stop it.


Flat Earth Education.


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