Will “they” silence Flat Earth?

   Some flat earthers (mainly the ones who are way to deep into other conspiracies) are worried that lawmakers in certain countries might enforce media platforms to label Flat Earth as fake news, enforcing bans and censorship anything Flat Earth related.

   Now, since a lot of things are possible, it is also possible that, let’s say, the U.S. Congress and the U.K. Parliament, will adopt laws that will basically force all media (mainstream ans social) to apply bans and censorship on anything that is Flat Earth related.

   Let’s assume that the above scenario will actually happen.

   Does this means that Flat Earth will be silenced? The answer is no. Not only that such a scenario will not silence Flat Earth, but it will be the proverbial “throw gas on a fire”. Flat Earth will get a massive boost from a censorship.

   To understand why such censorship will boost Flat Earth, we have to understand what media (both mainstream and social) means for the elite. Both mainstream and social media are the supreme tools of indoctrination. However, social media is a much powerful tool for the elites, simply because social media is used in ways that mainstream media cannot be used.

   One example would be trolling. Trolling is a great tool for the elites. Trolling can be used against any topic. Another example would be the use of profanity. One can call someone an idiot, retard, pedo, etc. without any repercussions. Do it on mainstream media and you’re fried. Another example would be socket accounts, giving the impression that there is huge support for an opinion. It’s easy and cheap to do it on social media…on mainstream media, you basically need to create hundreds of newspapers, radio stations and TV stations to give the same impression.

   But, the MAIN REASON why social media is extremely important for the elites, is giving people an alternative to street protests. Virtually everyone is “protesting” on Facebook. Virtually everyone is twitting “protest” messages or commenting on a YouTube “protest” video.

   And virtually nobody is protesting in the streets. I am not talking about riots, I am talking about social driven protests. Social media is the main cause why street protests are either nonexistent, or very small in scale. It is way more comfy to be a “keyboard warrior” instead facing off riot police.

   So, what will happen if Flat Earth becomes subject to censorship (legal or not) on the social media? No more Flat Earth on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. Or anywhere else. How would such a massive censorship help Flat Earth?

   Well, let’s take a look on how Flat Earth is spreading. Mostly on YouTube and Facebook. But, there is also Flat Earth street activism. Not much, and not many flat earthers are doing it. We also have Flat Earth meetings. Some people Flat Earth write messages on their cars. The reason why only dozens, and not thousands of flat earthers doing street activism it’s because doing it on YouTube or Facebook is easier.

   We have social media as a “comfy” alternative to street activism. If they take this alternative away…Flat Earth street activism will explode. Virtually overnight. The impact on the society will be overwhelming. It is one thing to perceive that flat earthers are “a bunch of YouTubers”, that you can’t see, you don’t know how many they are, you don’t know what kind of people they are (and because of the trolling I mentioned, you can assume they are not that many and not that smart), and it’s another thing to see them everyday and everywhere.

   Because this is the first thing that will happen : a handful of Flat Earth street activists, that once in a blue moon talk for couple hours with people in the streets, in couple cities in the entire world, will become thousands, doing it on a daily basis, and in every major (and not only) city in the world.

   The second thing that will happen will be that every person that is “on the fence” about Flat Earth will perceive this censorship as being what it is : a tool to silence the truth. And our ranks will multiply virtually overnight.

   The third thing that will happen will be a massive increase in the number of people attending Flat Earth meetings. And the numbers of such meetings will increase.

   The difference between being a flat earther and anything else is on spiritual level. On emotional level, everyone can put the equal sing between a flat earther and a chemtrailer. Or Sandy Hook-er. Or 9/11-er. But only flat earthers are spiritually affected.

   Today, almost nobody cares about 9/11. Or Sandy Hook. Or Las Vegas shooting. Or any other event that was extremely emotional. The reason why it is because other extremely emotional events took place since than, and also because time is healing even the most emotional experience one can have. Give it time, and the death of your parents will greatly diminish. It won’t go away, but it will affect less.

   But Flat Earth is both emotional and spiritual. We all had the emotional “damn, it’s flat”. And we all got past the emotional part of finding that our world is not a spinning ball, but it is flat, immovable and most likely created. But we did not STOP in promoting Flat Earth. We did not stop talking to our family and friends about Flat Earth. We cannot stop talking Flat Earth. And this is because Flat Earth is a spiritual matter. It cannot go away.

   This is why Flat Earth street activism will explode if they want to silence us on social media. We are driven by something that is too powerful to ignore. We ,flat earthers, cannot accept that we know the truth, and others are still in the dark. This is why Flat Earth continues to grow. More and more of us are talking…mainly on YouTube and Facebook. Take this away from us, and you will unleash an army of flat earthers talking face to face to people on the streets.

   What will “they” do next? Make Flat Earth gatherings illegal? Make Flat Earth activism illegal? On what grounds? Religious ones? Terrorism? Do you think that “they” are stupid? Do you think that “they” are not aware of what will happen if the silence Flat Earth on social media? “They” KNOW what will happen, and “they” either know that they cannot stop or “they” are the ones that, for whatever reasons, wanted Flat Earth to become what it became today : a spiritual phenomenon that everyone heard of, and reached the hearths and minds of over 16% of the adult population, worldwide.


   I have reasons to believe that this censorship might become a reality, and I also have reasons to believe that it will not become a reality. Actually, I am 50/50 on this. And the reason is because I DON’T KNOW if “they” deliberately wanted Flat Earth to resurface or if “they” actually didn’t. One thing I know for sure is that “they” know that the world is flat.

   If “they” knew that the world is flat AND wanted to bury this truth…they would have “killed” Flat Earth already. Back in 2014, they could have easily remove Flat Earth from social media, without any risk.There weren’t many flat earthers back in 2014. There was no street activism. There was no mainstream media coverage. No Flat Earth Conferences. No P900 footage.”They” could have killed Flat Earth in 2014.

   But, they didn’t. Which means that they wanted Flat Earth to reach the impact it have today. And they want Flat Earth to keep growing, and prepare the world for the truth.

   And this leads me to believe that Flat Earth censorship WILL TAKE PLACE sometimes in the future. It is the next logical step, if “they” actually want to prepare the world for the Flat Earth truth.

   We already reached maximum potential in the social media. There is nothing more we can do. The globe was beaten to death and beyond. But still, a lot people do not consider YouTube and Facebook as reliable information platforms. For most people out there, the mainstream media is the reliable information platform. The only way to reach those people is not a simple mainstream media coverage of Flat Earth, but EMOTIONAL coverage of Flat Earth.

   I mean, outside marginal mainstream media coverage, like a newspaper article now and then, or 15 minutes coverage of Flat Earth Conference, there is nothing else.No mainstream outlet will talk about 10 flat earthers meeting in North Carolina. It is not EMOTIONAL enough. But hundreds of flat earthers meetings in dozens of cities, on a weekly basis? That is “news worthy”. Couple guys with posters and signs talking Flat Earth in London or New York , once a year is not emotional. Couple guys or more doing it on a daily basis, in dozens of cities across the world? That is “news worthy”.

   Well, we will not going to have such big and numerous meetings and street activism as long as we HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA as the alternative. And the only way to have such big and numerous meetings and street activism is possible if we do not have an alternative.


When can we expect this censorship? 


I believe that it will take place sometimes after the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado, on Nov. 15-16, 2018. “They” will not do it before. Both upcoming FE Conferences (Edmonton, Canada and Dever, U.S.A) will get solid mainstream and social media coverage, much more than last year FE Conference. Statistical data points to a 20% of adults worldwide to become flat earthers by the end on this year. The mainstream and social media coverage of the above Conferences will greatly help to reach this percentage.


Very soon after FEIC in Denver, Colorado, the Flat Earth censorship will be put in place.

And once this takes place, everyone will witness the power of Flat Earth. Now, it’s just “something” on YouTube. Every statistical data I have (and I wrote multiple articles about this) points to 16% of the adults, today, being flat earthers. It is a huge, yet real percentage. Believe it or not.We cannot be seen because we are not wearing badges or drive yellow cars, or whatever item that identify us.


But…once this censorship takes place…everyone will see how many we actually are.


Flat Earth Education.





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