How many flat earthers are there? – Part III

   Latest YouGov survey presents some interesting data about people’s belief in the shape of our world.

   The data reinforces all my predictions and statistical analysis started back in July 2017, when, with limited information, I still managed to estimate the number of flat earthers.

   Here is a link to my latest article on the matter (a VERY long article, containing all the data I managed to gather) :

In the above article, I concluded :

I expect at least 5-6 polls and surveys, made by major polling organization, by July.That data will hugely help our community to understand, if we haven’t understood by now, that while you are walking down the street, or go to work in a bus or a train, or go out with friends for a drink, at least 1 out of 10 people you see, is a flat earther.

   And by the end of this year, 2 out of 10 people you see is a flat earther.But with NASA idiots providing enough ammo on weekly basis, 3 Flat Earth Conventions coming up and increased mass media coverage, do not be surprised, at all, that by the end of this year, a third or maybe more of the people you see around you, to be flat earthers.”

We already have the first major survey that I predicted it will take place, out of the 5-6 I am expecting to take place by July, this year. There will be more, because the YouGov survey is already being attacked by other surveyors, arguing that the numbers are wrong.

   I also agree that the numbers are wrong…the number of flat earthers is actually higher. And the next surveys will prove it.

   Now, based on the YouGov Survey, 16% of those questioned are either openly flat earthers or globe earth deniers (which is another term for closed flat earther). People are still afraid to say that they are flat earthers).

   16%. Repeat this again : SIXTEEN PERCENT. My latest estimation was 8% (in January 2018) with a prediction of 10-12% by July this year. YouGov survey was taken in the U.S. only, and while I do not have any reasons to see much difference between U.S. and the rest of the world (since flat earth is social media driven, covering the entire world), I can assume that the numbers are almost the same, worldwide, as they are in the U.S.

   What is encouraging is the number of those that declared that they believed the world to be a globe, but lately they have doubts about it : 9% (18-24 yo.), 7% (25-34 yo.) and 6% (35-44 yo.).

   The reason why I am focusing on the 18-44 yo. segment of population is obvious : it is the segment that have the heaviest influence on social media. They are the most active in the social media, the most educated and the most informed among the entire population. What they believe have massive influence on the others.

   So, we have around 8% of those aged 18 to 44 that LATELY (which means probably last 2-3 years) doubt their former beliefs about the shape of the world. This number is HUGE. We are talking about trending here, not absolute numbers. 8% is a massive change.


   Looking at the YouGov survey, my estimate of 10-12% flat earthers by July this year is probably a conservative estimate. With 16% in the U.S., TODAY, being openly flat earthers and globe earth skeptics, and with a trend that adds up another 8% of , well, let’s call them “globe doubters”, to the most active and influential segment of population, I have to change my estimate for July 2018, from 10-12%, to at 16-20% flat earthers.

   Which also changes my estimates by the end of this year, 2018, from 20% to upward 25-27% flat earthers.


   Up until today, all my estimates, even with limited and incomplete data, proven to be correct. And the next surveys that WILL take place, will confirm my numbers.


Flat Earth Education.


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