Flat Earth is dying…or it is just wishful thinking?

   On a daily basis, since 2014, the Globe Cult mantra is : “The Flat Earth is dying”. Most flat earthers live with the idea that they belong to a small, fringe community, just because most comments on social media are against Flat Earth. But, are those millions of comments coming from millions of Globe Cult minions? Or those comments come from mere thousands, but very active Globe Cult minions?

   It is quite important to see which is which. Imagine an election, where one of the candidates is attacked, on a daily basis, by, seemingly, a lot of people. It can be 100 people, each posting 100 comments, or 10,000 people, each posting one comment. If that candidate assumes it’s 10,000 people, he will probably drop the race. So, it is important for him to know if it’s 100 or 10,000 people against him. They have polls that can help them decide.We, flat earthers, do not.

   But we have other means to know which is which. 

   YouTube is the main platform for promoting Flat Earth, and it is also the main platform for “debunking” Flat Earth. Let’s have a look at biggest 5 Flat Earth channels, and the biggest 5 Flat Earth Debunking channels on YouTube.

   A Flat Earth YouTube channel, to qualify as such, must have at least 50% of its content related to the Flat Earth, and a Debunking Flat Earth channel, to qualify as such, must have at least 50% of its content related to debunking Flat Earth. 


   I had to spend some time to even find 5 Debunking Flat Earth channel. I still haven’t found a 6th one. The criteria to qualify as a Debunking Flat Earth channel (over 50% of the content of that channel to be about debunking Flat Earth) removed Vsauce, Cody’slab or CoolHardLogic, or any other big YouTube channels you can think of, just because they had a couple Flat Earth Debunked videos.I cannot consider a channel with 100k subscribers, that posted 100 videos about cats, or bungee-jumping, or whatever, and a couple of videos about debunking Flat Earth, as a reliable source of data.

   So, let’s see how convincing and how many Globe Cult minions are on YouTube. The site that provides enough statistical data about YouTube is socialblade.com : https://socialblade.com

   Flat Earth Debunkers :

  1. fiveredpearshttps://socialblade.com/youtube/user/fiveredpears

 First Flat Earth Debunked video posted : February 21st, 2015. Subscribers : 1,959. Total views : 794,103. Daily subs : 1.86. Daily views : 754.85.

    2. wolfie 6020 : (no link – wolfie 6020 chose to have his subs data private) : https://socialblade.com/youtube/search/wolfie%206020  (first one on top is wolfie 6020)

First Flat Earth Debunked video posted : August 27th, 2016. Subscribers : (probably as much as fiveredpears, roughly 2,000). Total views : 780,996. Daily subs : 4.03. Daily views : 1,574.

   3. Soundly :https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCDXr2cbK7WlfeYEtJxC9i3w 

First Flat Earth Debunked video posted : March 29th, 2016. Subscribers : 1,172. Total views : 395,574. Daily subs : 1.81. Daily views : 614.24

   4. Sly Sparkane :https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCcJ-sg7yIH5osx4pGcyVZMw

First Flat Earth Debunked video posted : November 8th, 2015. Subscribers : 1,486. Total views : 278,326. Daily subs : 1.88. Daily views : 352.31

   5. Shawn Hufford :https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCvmZBzNTyPwTOjS3ZJGruuA

First Flat Earth Debunked video posted : September 18th, 2015. Subscribers : 1,043. Total views : 112,745. Daily subs : 1.24. Daily views : 134.22.


   When looking at the numbers, the above 5 YouTube channels (which are actually the only ones), dedicated to “debunking” Flat Earth, the first conclusion is crystal clear : they are doing a crap job at debunking Flat Earth. The second conclusion is, again, crystal clear : their followers number in low-thousands, but are extremely vocal on YouTube comments sections.

   The third conclusion, and the most important one : their followers, claiming the death of Flat Earth, are living in a parallel reality.If we assume that these 5 channels do not share any subscribers and views, they have together, a grand total of 7,660 subscribers and 2,361,774 views.


   Let’s see the Flat Earth channels numbers. Globe Cult minions should stop reading now, otherwise they are risking their health (the physical one, since the mental one is already gravely affected) :

   (Note : Eric Dubay, due to his channel being suspended, is no longer in top 5. His channel had 113k subscribers and a total of over 22 million views when it was suspended).

  1. Flat Earth 101 (the Indonesian Flat Earth channel) :https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCVgxg27PFIbur2ovDFVAAvw

First FE video posted : May 6th, 2016. Subscribers : 120,091. Total views : 12,955,972. Daily subs : 197.8. Daily views : 21,344.

   2. Rob Skiba :https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCoiIt_v1D-6z75LmrdIU2aw

First FE video posted : April 17th, 2015 (Rob was still a globe believer at that date). Subscribers : 117,100. Total views : 14,696,825. (Note : only 225k views are not FE related). Daily subs : 118.5. Daily (FE only) views : 14,632.

   3. ODD Reality :https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/mrdoseman

First FE video posted : July 9th, 2016. Subscribers : 113,529. Total views : 9,793,654. Daily subs : 208. Daily views : 17,970.

   4. Jeranismhttps://socialblade.com/youtube/c/jeranism

First video posted (Moon hoax, not really FE, but still related) : February 8th, 2015. Subscribers : 86,304. Total views : 14,818,630. Daily subs : 81. Daily views : 13,914.


   I will stop here, because on the fifth place, we have at least 5 YouTube channels in the range of 50k subscribers and 6-10 million views.These channels are (in no paticular order) : CelebrateTruth – 51k subs, 6.5 million views, BroSanchezTV – 54k, 6.2 million views, Mark Sargent – 46k subs, 10.1 million views, MrThriveandSurvive – 40k subs, 8.8 million views, Captain Obvious – 51k subs, 11.3 million views.

   Any of these channels can be on 5th place, it doesn’t really matter. There are at least 10 Youtube channels, in the range of 20k subscribers, and ANY of those channels have 3 times more subscribers that ALL FIVE so-called “debunking” Flat Earth channels.Combined.

   When looking at Flat Earth numbers on YouTube, the first conclusion is that they are doing a great job at convincing people that we live on a flat world. The second conclusion is that the followers of Flat Earth YouTube channels number in high tens of thousands.

   The third, and the most important conclusion : flat earthers live in the real world, not a parallel reality.If we assume that the first 4 Flat Earth channels do not share any subscribers and views (as we did for the “debunking” channels), they have together, a number of 437,024 subscribers and over 52,000,000 views.Add any of the 5th one, and we look at over 475,000 subscribers and over 60 million views.

   FE Debunkers vs. Flat Earthers : 7,600 subscribers vs 475,000 subscribers. 2.36 million views vs 60 million views. These are the numbers, and I will use another Globe Cult mantra to make my point : “Numbers don’t lie”. And the point is :

   Flat Earth is not dying, it is just wishful thinking.


   The Globe Cult minions are living in a parallel reality, they are very few, but very vocal. They do not understand that they are on the wrong side of history, and they are fighting a losing battle.The numbers are also showing that the vast majority of flat earthers are silent. This year, this silent majority will detach from the fear of speaking out. And when this will happen, and it will, the world will change.

   The Globe died in 2017. This year is the Globe funerals year. And nothing can stop us. Surely, not a couple of thousands of very vocal, but delusional, Globe Cult minions, convincing themselves that Flat Earth is dying.


Flat Earth Education.


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