Flat Earth Asshole – a clear case of paranoia

   This might sound too harsh, but Jake (FEA) displays a by-the-book case of paranoia. I have been following his channel on YouTube almost since its inception. Jake had under 2,000 subs when I subscribed to his channel, and I watched all of his videos, up until last month, when I decided to unsub. I am still checking his “work”, to understand what the hell happened to him, as I am sure a lot of people are asking the same question.

   For those who did not follow FEA on a daily basis, and for those who did, but did not pay too much attention, a number of events happened in Jake’s life, events that changed him entirely, and this change can be clearly seen in his videos in the last 3-4 months.

   When Jake started his “saga” of Flat Earth Meetings around the U.S.A, everyone in the Flat Earth community supported him. EVERYONE, no exceptions. He met with a lot of people, people who were friendly and supported him, and helped him. Among those people was a certain woman, a woman Jake fell in love with…but his love was rejected. Another episode was the meeting with IPS, when IPS said he is Matt Powerland, Jake was attacked by Matt, etc. We all know the story.

   After these two very unpleasant episodes, Jake started to crack. Up until those two episodes, Jake videos frequency was almost daily, 2-3 days at most in-between his videos.After those two episodes, Jake wanted to quit doing FE videos. He didn’t, but the time between his videos become 4-5 days, than one week, or more. And the content of his videos was mediocre, at best.

   And than, Darryl Marble happened. D.Marble subs skyrocketed, and in a matter of weeks, D.Marble subs surpassed FEA subs. This was the last drop. Jake basically caved. After being rejected by that woman, Jake was changed, emotionally, and after the IPS-Matt Powerland episode, Jake believed that the elites wants him contained, if not silenced entirely. The D.Marble subs episode “confirmed” his theory.

   After this, he started to lash out…not against globe cult, but against all major Flat Earth Youtubers, like Dubay, Sargent, Jeran, ODD, Bro Sanchez, etc. and smaller ones, like D.Marble and FEOHP. Like Dubay, FEA now believes he is the ONLY REAL flat earther, and all others are shills, controlled opposition, gate-keepers, you name it, but unlike Dubay, who maybe once in a blue moon makes a parody video about another flat earther, FEA is attacking, almost on a daily basis, both the Flat Earth theory and other flat earthers.

   Jake truly believes (just watch his videos since October 2017) that he is THE ONE, and everyone is against him. He is the ONLY flat earther that defends Flat Earth (while he clearly attacks Flat Earth) and all others are attacking Flat Earth (when clearly they do not). This is paranoia 101. And it will not take long until he will do a Dubay-like mistake and will have his channel suspended. FEA is one strike away from having the channel suspended. One Sandy Hook or Vegas shooting video, and his channel will be history.

   His latest videos have the comments and thumbs options disabled, yet another sign of paranoia, when combined with his belief that he is the only one true and real defender of Flat Earth.

   I am sorry that FEA is having grave mental issues. I hope that he will choose to seek professional help, because, in the end, he is a human being, and I feel for him. But I know that he will not, because a paranoid person will never believe it is sick. 


Flat Earth Education.


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