Russian actornaut slams Flat Earth theory

   As I expected, this year will be decisive for Flat Earth. I did expected the globe cult to bring in the “big guns”, like scientists and actornauts. And they did. I also expected for them to put up a good fight. And…they didn’t.

   Sergey Ryazansky, a Russian actornaut, coming back from the International Fake Station, believed that he can go at Flat Earth, just because he is an actornaut. It’s like a guy dressed in blue that thinks he can avoid being stomped by a bull, just because he wears blue, not red.

   The title of the article, published on Dec 20th 2017, is : 

How can anyone believe this bull****?’ Russian astronaut SLAMS flat-Earth theory

and you can read it here

   When I first saw the title, I expected at least some convoluted explanation, that might resemble a proof for the spinning globe. I mean, he is an actornaut, one of the smartest people alive, that we should worship. Or at least worship his intelligence, right?

   But, the actornaut used the same lame tactic used by the globe cult believers every day, since 2014 : Flat Earth is nothing but an Internet joke. However, Ryazansky added a twist, blaming the rise of Flat Earthers in numbers on the poor education in the West. In other words, there are no flat earthers in mother Russia, because the Russians have a much higher education.

   Yet, you continue with : “I am sorry to hear it’s echoing in Russia as well. I have no idea how one can come to believe all this bulls**t.Any chance to decide which is it? Because if it’s not the education, it is clearly something else. Maybe the fact that anyone, no matter where it lives, when taking the time to research Flat Earth, becomes a flat earther? I know you have “no idea”, since you are paid to have no idea.

   The pressure we put on the globe cult is no longer affecting the Facebook and YouTube globe cult minions, who resort to mocking and insulting, but the big guys, like you, or DeGrasse, or Nye, who clearly show the same nervousness and the same level of mockery as their minions.

   The mainstream media is slowly removing the ” flat earth conspiracy theory” term and replacing it with the “flat earth theory”, proving that the Flat Earth community is bigger than ANY conspiracy group out there, so big in fact, that it can no longer be considered a fringe conspiracy group.

Sergey continues with the following :

I personally take the Flat Earth theory as a perfect massive space trolling, nothing more. There’s nothing serious behind it. This is just about playing a trick, waiting for what will come next, whether this or that cosmonaut will respond.I never get involved in it on social media, as it’s a shame to spend my precious time on explaining elementary physics to people.

   Well, Sergey, you are right, it is massive. But it is not trolling. Could you maybe point to the previous “massive space trolling” that was before Flat Earth, if you think Flat Earth belongs to the same category? Don’t spend your “precious time”, there isn’t any. The Internet was and still is full of “trolling”, Serghey, but those barely live for a day or two, before being forgotten.

    I understand the reason why you cannot spend your precious time on “explaining elementary physics to people“, and it is not because you don’t want to waste your time. It is because you either don’t know elementary physics, or, if you do, you will only prove how stupid it sounds when applied to a heliocentric model. You are afraid, and rightfully so. Your high paid job as a LIAR is at stake, and you can feel that it is coming to an end, very, very soon. Worry not, there are plenty of jobs opening to fast food chains.

   The Russian actornaut concluded :

“On the other hand, why not, since one is striving to play jokes, and they do it on the internet. You have perhaps noticed that these users are most often nicknamed, since it takes a certain courage to acknowledge that you are dull.”

   It is easy to lie, since you are trained and paid for, and your minions (less and less everyday) will fall for it. Most social media users are using nicknames, I don’t see what the problem is. However, ALL big flat earthers use their own names, even if their YT channels, FB pages, Twitter accounts or sites are not. Eric Dubay, Jeran Campanella, Rob Skiba, Mark Sargent, David Weiss, Jon Christopoulos, Bob Knodel, Darryl Marble, Jake Gibson, Antonio Subirats, etc. are all REAL NAMES.

   I will end this article saying that I am truly disappointed in your performance, Sergey.I was expecting some serious blows for Flat Earth, something that could make us, flat earthers, think twice before responding. Your failed attempt at separating the flat earthers in the West from those in the East, was lame, and proved, yet again, that you haven’t spent even 5 minutes into Flat Earth. We, flat earthers, are united, even if some of us call everyone else a shill, or some believe in a dome while other don’t. These are just minor struggles.

   We all KNOW that the world is flat, and we all KNOW who the enemy is. The apparent “divide” in the Flat Earth community does not exists. We are just debating ourselves on minor issues, simply because the globe cult leaders do not have the guts to debate us. We are, as a group, rock solid. And you come against us with what?

   The same failed tactic of mocking and insulting, that only makes us more united. Thank you for this interview, Sergey. It was a great one for Flat Earth.


Flat Earth Education.


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