2018 – FE vs GE : The Final Battle ?

   The confrontation between Flat Earth and the Globe Earth will come to a conclusion this year. Since Copernicus, the Globe won battle after battle, and during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the “war” ended. Flat Earth lost it. Flat Earth movement entered in a deep state of coma, that lasted for almost 40 years.

   2014 was the year when Flat Earth woke up. A number of conditions, unavailable until than, were behind this awakening. The information, thanks to the social media explosion, was no longer chained to a TV screen, a voice on a radio or a text in a newspaper. Computer software required to analyze photos and images became accessible to the common man. Powerful telescopes and zoom cameras dropped drastically in price, becoming accessible to the common man.

   Since 2014, we witnessed a fierce comeback of Flat Earth, supported by the above cumulative conditions. The number of flat earters grew beyond anyone’s expectations. The globe camp, since 2014, received punch after punch, barely punching back. But starting with 2016, the globe punched back. It was too little, too late.

   2018 will be different. The globe camp will go all in. The last weeks on 2017 and the first days on 2018 already point to a massive clash between Flat Earth and Globe Earth this year.

   The Indians and the Chinese announced trips to the Moon. Google $ 20 million prize deadline in March 2018 for a trip to the Moon. SpaceX will test Falcon Heavy this month, and send a crew around the Moon this year. Trump revival of the space program announced in December 2017, with aims to put man on the Moon for the second time, build a lunar base and send a manned mission to Mars.

   All of the above (and many others, mainly satellite launches) are not aimed directly against Flat Earth. All these announcements are aimed at keeping the space fanboys in the globe camp, a camp that is bleeding numbers since 2014, at an accelerated rate.

   Most of those space missions will be postponed after 2018. Only a few will take place (read : they will be faked), probably the Indian and the Chinese ones. Hopefully they will fake those missions, because they really, really suck at this. Flat Earth will grow with every postponed mission and will spike in numbers with every faked mission.

   The battle in the social media will continue with the same outcome : short-lived victories for the globe camp (with the help of faked videos), followed by an increase in numbers for the flat earth camp.

   As for the main stream media, the approach to Flat Earth will change, at least in terms of time coverage, if not in tone. However, more and more mainstream media outlets will show at least a neutral stance, if not positive, toward Flat Earth. This year we will have at least two conferences, one in Birmingham, UK, in April and one in Denver, USA, in November. There might be a 3rd one, in Sydney, Australia.

   There will be debates on TV between globe earthers and flat earthers, but most of them will be staged. The so-called flat earthers they will bring, won’t be anyone that we know. Doesn’t matter, really, it will just reinforce the flat earth camp. When those staged debates won’t work, the media will either bring in real flat earthers to debates, among them Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent, either stop the debates entirely, either continue with staged debates, even if those staged debates will clearly backfire. Flat Earth is a great subject for ratings, and the mainstream media cannot ignore it. It brings in revenues.

   2018 will be a big year for Flat Earth. While 2018 might not end with the globe being officially dead, it will end with a big victory for Flat Earth, one that will see the globe camp being knocked out.

   Have a great 2018 Flat Earth year !


Flat Earth Education.


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