Why we don’t know how many flat earthers are out there?

   The answer is simple : if there would be a serious polling campaign, the percentage of flat earthers would be, for most people, UNBELIEVABLE.This polling campaign alone would promote Flat Earth more than everything else, combined.

   There are a number of polls, took in the last 2 years (2016 and 2017), on various media sites, forums and conspiracy sites, all showing a massive percentage of flat earthers, between 19% and 30%, depending on who exactly made the poll and when.The ones in 2016, showed 17% to 23% of the ones who voted, to be flat earthers, and the ones in 2017, showed 27% to 35% of the respondents to be flat earthers.The number of those who voted was in the hundreds, for smaller sites, and in the thousands, for bigger sites.

   However, these numbers, even if compiled and compared with other statistical data, like Google trends, YouTube trends, YouTube views counts, still cannot provide a real percentage (or number) of how many flat earthers are actually out there.

   Back in June, this year, I started to compile and compare a number of data (where it was available) in an attempt to estimate the number of flat earthers.All I could do was to estimate a low-end and a high-end number, but the discrepancies were too big.The high-end number was almost double that the low-end one, which in itself, from a statistical point of view, is bad.One cannot have more than 10-15% difference between the extremities, when trying to estimate something.

  But, I could come up with comparisons.One of there comparisons showed that the number of people actively interested in Flat Earth doubled between October 2016 and the start of December 2017.In just over one year, we doubled our numbers.But which was the number back in October 2016?

  The numbers (low-end and hight-end) of flat earthers, that I estimated to be back in the middle of November 2016, was between 4.5% and 7.8% of the Internet population (16 to 65 years old), most likely closer to the low-end percentage, which translates in roughly 3.3% and 5.7% of world’s population.

   Today, while I can’t estimate with a 10% or lower error the numbers of flat earthers, everything I have gathered, compiled and compared points to at least 6% and at most 12% of the world population to be flat earthers.

   All this work I did can be extremely flawed, because there is no solid data that I could have gathered, but the lack of solid data points me to believe that my numbers might not be far off, even lower that the real ones.

   If a serious polling campaign to determine how many people are flat earthers would take place (and I think that it will take place), and if the percentage is over 10% (which I believe it is), that will be a disaster for the establishment.They already KNOW how many we are, because they have access to the information needed and access to the software capable to determine our numbers, with a very small error.

   The time for a poll that would show a very small percentage of flat earther had long passed.They estimated Flat Earth to be a blimp on the radar.They were wrong, and now they only have two choices left : avoid a serious poll, or make one.For the time being, they avoid this poll, because they still hope that given enough time, Flat Earth will just dissipate, or they will false flag our asses with something so big (probably a war) that will throw Flat Earth on the sides.

   But they cannot avoid this poll for too long.They can fake the poll, but it will backfire, like everything they did trying to stop Flat Earth.They can’t just have a single poll, because once such a poll take place, dozens upon dozens of other polls will be made, polls that they cannot fake.

   They can’t just afford such a poll today.Or for the next 6 months.But I don’t see 2018 ending without a huge numbers of polls, all over the media sites and various forums, polls that will show an unbelievable percentage of people to be flat earthers.


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