Flat Earth – the impossibility of gravity, part III

   In my previous articles, dedicated to gravity, I tried to prove, why gravity, as explained by mainstream science, it’s an impossibility, using the velocities of Earth in space (part I) and the atmospheric pressure (part II).

   This 3rd part will have no math, only common sense.I will use the mainstream science explanation of the tides, and prove, why gravity, as explained by the mainstream science, it’s an impossibility.

   The tides, according to mainstream science, are caused by the gravitational force between the Moon and the Earth, and between the Sun and the Earth.Basically, the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun are moving the oceans on Earth.Applied math to mass of the Earth, Moon and the Sun, and the distance between them, is perfect.Well, it is perfect because the values of those masses and distances are predetermined beforehand (without any measuring whatsoever), and math will always be perfect.

   Now, since I said that this part will have no math, I will ask some simple questions to all globe religious believers out there.

   First one is : “Is the gravitational force of the Moon and the Sun moving the oceans, hence, causing the tides?”.The answer will be always “Yes”. 

   The second one is : “Is there anything on Earth that is lighter than water?”.The answer, again, will be always “Yes”.

   I think you see where I am going with this.The 3rd question could be “Why the Moon and the Sun gravitational force doesn’t move everything on Earth, that is lighter than water?”. But the 3rd question is not the above one. It is the one bellow.

   Third question : “Is air lighter than water?”.The answer will always be “Yes”.

   I choose these first 3 questions, because the globe believers can only answer with “Yes”.

   So, here comes the 4th question to the globe believers : “If the Moon and the Sun gravitational force is moving the oceans, why it doesn’t also move the atmosphere?”

   The Socratic method is well-known in psychology.It is basically a series of questions that will lead to a single answer, that is also the truth.My 4th question is actually a trick question, because according to the mainstream science…we have atmospheric tides.The explanation is convoluted and filled with contradictions and physical impossibilities.Basically, the Sun is heating up the atmosphere, and this causes the Moon atmospheric tides to have zero impact, as opposite to ocean tides, where the Moon have the primary influence.

   It is easy to say that the Sun heats up the atmosphere, while in the same time “forgetting” to say that it is also heating up the water.When looking at the water tides and atmospheric tides separately, the explanations (in the small minds of globe believers) are logical : the Moon can cause oceanic tides, but because of the Sun, it doesn’t also causing atmospheric tides.

   However, if you look at the “big picture”, there is a big ass problem : the Sun is unable to overtake the Moon, in the case of water tides, but is able to nullify the Moon, in the case of atmospheric tides, by simply heating up the atmosphere.But this is not all.The Sun, according to science, because is heating up the atmosphere, also causes our atmosphere to expand in outer space, since air is basically a bunch of gases, and gases expand or contract, depending on the temperature.

   The answer to the 4th question being “But the Sun is actually move the atmosphere”, the 5th question is : “Why is that we still have an atmosphere, if the Sun is causing it to expand in the outer space?”.

   Before answering this question, we first HAVE TO PROVE that Earth’s atmosphere is expanding in the outer space.The problem is that we cannot practically prove it.So, we have to try to prove it theoretically.And the only way to do it is using science.Real science.The same science that kills the globe every minute, every day.

   A gas expands or contracts, when temperature is rising or dropping.Our atmosphere, being basically a gas, will also expand and contract.So far, so good.When our atmosphere expands, according the mainstream science, due to the Sun heating it up, it expands, also according to mainstream science, in the outer space.The only way for Earth’s gravity to be able to keep the atmosphere continuously leaking into the outer space, is if the temperature in outer space is lower than the temperature of the atmosphere, so the gases will contract.

   But…it is not.It is actually much, much higher, according to, again, mainstream science.According to mainstream science, when all is put in the equation, we should not have an atmosphere.

   If the Earth’s gravity is unable to stop the expansion of the atmosphere in the outer space, when the difference in temperature is, at most, 50-60 degrees Celsius, how is it able to stop it leaking in the outer space, when the air will be heated, by the Sun’s radiation, above 1200 degrees Celsius?

   For those not understanding my question, I will explain some basics, regarding temperatures and gravity, again, according to the mainstream science.What keeps our atmosphere leaking into space, is that Earth’s gravity overtakes the molecular energy present at certain temperatures.The gas atoms that are forming our atmosphere, are stuck together, because the temperature is not high enough to force them escape the gravitational force of Earth.

   A simple example will be boiling water.Water is a liquid, but when its temperature reaches a certain value, the water molecules at the surface, if not contained, will break into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which are gases.The H2O (water) is a molecule, but at a certain temperature (and over) it will break off into atoms, which become gases, that are lighter, hence, the gravity will be weaker than when the oxygen and hydrogen were bound together, as a water molecule.

   Temperature variations can make a solid become a liquid, and a liquid become a gas.In certain conditions, we can make a solid become a gas, but this transition is not present in natural conditions, only in artificial conditions.

   But our atmosphere is already a gas.When expanding into outer space, the atoms that are forming this gas, under the influence of Sun’s radiation, will keep expanding, because the gravity is mathematically unable to overtake the expansion rate forced by the immense temperatures present in outer space.

   When you look at the “big picture”, where, according to mainstream science, the Sun is forcing the atmosphere to expand, in the outer space, at 50-60 degrees Celsius temperature difference, and gravity is unable to counter this small difference, while the temperatures in outer space go beyond 1200 degrees Celsius, it becomes clear that gravity cannot stop the 1200 degree Celsius heated gas to leak into outer space.

   The answer is actually much simple : Our atmosphere is not expanding and contracting.Practically, we cannot prove it, and theoretically, we can only prove that Earth cannot have an atmosphere, if that atmosphere expands into the outer space.

   If you are boiling water in a sealed container, there will be no loss.Our atmosphere is contained in a sealed environment, otherwise, it will not be able to exist.Unless we shit on Thermodynamics.And Chemistry.And other sciences.

   There is no gravity.I don’t know what causes the tides, but I am 100% sure that if the Moon and the Sun are causing BOTH the ocean tides, and atmospheric tides, our atmosphere cannot exist, because every experiment proves that at certain temperatures, Earth’s gravity cannot stop the overheated gas atoms in our atmosphere leaking continuously into the outer space.


Flat Earth Education.


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