Eric Dubay YouTube channel terminated

   Two days ago, I posted this article

   I expected that his channel will be terminated.Some argue that this is because Dubay is a flat earther.It is not.Dubay’s stupidity to mix Flat Earth with Hitler and the Holocaust.In a normal world, freedom of speech should be untouchable.However, we do not live in a normal world.

   Other flat earth YT channels were terminated this, for reasons that are not linked to Flat Earth.Sandy Hook, the Vegas Shootings, the Holocaust, or other topics that are sensitive were the cause.

   A lot of people don’t understand that YouTube is a PRIVATE BUSINESS, that must follow a number of LAWS.As I said in my article about latest Dubay’s video, I will also say about YouTube : I am not going to talk about what YouTube is and what it does.This is not the point.

   The point is that YouTube have to react, legally, if a video posted on their site, receives complains.Being highly sensitive subjects, Sandy Hook, or Vegas Shootings, or Hitler, or the Holocaust, will trigger complains from people and organizations.If the complains are supported by the law, YouTube reacts.

   In the case of Dubay Hitler’s videos, YouTube first reacted by flagging those videos as inappropriate.Dubay continued to make new videos about Hitler and the Holocaust.YouTube that banned those videos in a number of countries.Dubay did not stopped, and his latest video, where he asks people to “help spread the word”, was, as I said, a monumental stupidity.And I was proven to be right.A lot of people attacked me because of my article, mainly because they were confused and because they did not took the time to read the entire article.

   They assumed that I was attacking Dubay, personally, and that I am against freedom of speech.I did not called Dubay a “monumental stupid” person.I called his latest video a “monumental stupidity”.Which is was.

   Now, the former biggest Flat Earth YouTube channel, with over 136,000 subscribers, is terminated.It was not because of Flat Earth.It was because Dubay posted videos about  Hitler and the Holocaust on his Flat Earth YouTube channel, without understanding the repercusions.Again, I am not saying that what YouTube did is right.I am saying that from a legal point of view, they had to.And Dubay should have known better.

   Dubay can make a new channel, and he will.I expect him to attack Mark Sargent, arguing that Sargent’s YT channel, not being terminated, is a “proof” that Sargent is an agent or whatever.I also expect a lot of people will be stupid enough to fall into this trap.

   We should understand that there is a time and a place for everything.The time to talk about Hitler, WW2 and the Holocaust is yet to come.The place is certainly NOT YouTube, especially not your own Flat Earth channel.Luckly, there are throngs of Flat Earth channels out there, and over 1 million videos, with over 18.5 million uploads and close to 1 billion views.The people who are new to the subject have everything they need.

   I hope that Dubay will understand that Flat Earth have not changed the world yet.It is still the same world as yesterday.And I hope he will make a new channel, about Flat Earth only, and not mixing it with Hitler and Holocaust topics.


Flat Earth Education.


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