Trump just proved that Flat Earth is an unstoppable Giant

   Trump signed a new space policy directive yesterday.This new directive empowers NASA to send people back to the Moon.But not only that.We will go back to the Moon, but we are not going back just to leave a flag behind.No.We are going back to build a base on the Moon, a base that will be used for a future mission to Mars, and maybe beyond.

   Now, the narrative has changed, drastically, from 2016.Last year, NASA was 100% sure that a mission to Mars will take place by 2035.Last year, a Moon mission was useless, because we’ve already been to the Moon, and there is need to go back.Apparently, we NEED to go back back to the Moon.And we NEED to delay the Mars mission.

   Because flat earthers proved, logically, that a mission to Mars cannot ever be successful without a permanent Moon base (you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why a Moon base is a MUST before any attempt to go to the Mars), the narrative is now, officially, and signed by the POTUS, changed.We will first need to go back to the Moon, build a base and use it to prepare the astronauts for a future mission to Mars.

   We, flat earthers, know that we never been to the Moon, and we will never go.The Moon is not something you can land on.Same with Mars.We will never go to Mars.We will never go anywhere in space, because there is no space.But, since the globe heads have a short memory, let’s remind them what events took place before yesterday, when Trump signed a new directive.Maybe they will understand what reality is.

   Before Trump, Obama was the President, for 8 years.Before him, G.W.Bush was the President.Why do I bring up Obama and G.W.Bush? Well, because G.W.Bush also wanted NASA to send people back to the Moon and eventually to Mars, signing a project with a value of over 1 trillion $.It was called The Constellation Program.Bush wanted the Moon mission to take place before 2020.

   But here comes Obama, and scraps the Constellation Program, in 2009, because it was TOO COSTLY.Without the program, a manned mission to the Moon by 2020 became impossible.Now, here comes Trump, wanting (almost) the same thing : a manned mission to the Moon, a permanent Moon base, and eventually, a manned mission to Mars.

   The U.S. government is as credible as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX.These companies also promised a lot of things to happen by 2020.Those promises will never, ever take place.No Virgin Galactic or SpaceX “around the Moon trip” will ever take place.Nobody will go back to the Moon and build a base there.Not even going to talk about Mars.

   What most people don’t understand is, that even if the space is real, and the Earth is a spinning globe and the Moon is a 2,000 mile-wide solid sphere that we landed on, the costs for building a permanent Moon base will be ENORMOUS.Actually, the entire humanity cannot cover the bill for a permanent Moon base, unless we all eat grass, and everything we produce goes to the Moon base bill.For at least 10 years.Or we remove the money and be a Star Trek-like civilization.

   One thing we will absolutely NEED for a permanent Moon base is a brand new space station.The ISS cannot handle the supply chain (assuming the ISS is real, which is not).A new brand space station is CHEAPER that full-scale supply missions to the Moon.The Moon base will be basically a space station, just not floating in space, but sitting on the Moon.And it will have to be far bigger than the ISS.So, before counting in the costs for space shuttle missions, we need to cover the costs for 2 brand new space stations, bigger and better than the ISS.This costs alone are way above 10 trillion $.Most likely close to 20 trillion $.

   The costs for space shuttle missions, needed to BUILD the new space station and the Moon base, will also be trillions upon trillions of $.It will take at least 10 years before we will have the new space station and the Moon base…if we can cover the costs.Which we cannot.When G.W.Bush wanted to spend 1 trillion $ for a manned Moon mission, those money were ONLY for a SINGLE manned Moon mission, without using the ISS.Just a direct flight, like the ones back in 1969-1972.No Moon permanent Moon base, no supply chain, no nothing, but a round trip to the Moon.

   Now, why do I believe that Trump just proved that Flat Earth is an unstoppable Giant?The reason is obvious for any flat earther out there.But for everyone else is not.Let me explain it.

   The Flat Earth, back in 2015, if not supported by a massive, growing number of people, would be a short-lived blimp on the radar.Nobody would give a fuck about Flat Earth.The “we will go to Mars” narrative would still be the same, without anyone even going to Mars, but only talking about going to Mars.But since Flat Earth is obviously supported by tens, if not hundreds of million of people, something had to be done.

   The media mocked us.It did not work.The globe heads mocked us and insulted us.It did not work.Bill Nye, the lying guy and NDT did the same : mocking and insulting.It did not worked.Not only that it did not worked, it backfired.More and more people “changed the sides”, from the globe to flat earth, day by day.The Mars mission became impossible even for non-flat earthers.A lot more people today know that Moon landing were faked, and most of them are not flat earthers (yet).We forced all these things to happen.We forced the media to understand that we are not a blimp on the radar.

   We kept growing in numbers, we had a Flat Earth conference, covered basically by everyone, and we have 2 more coming next year.It became clear that mocking and insulting and “we going to Mars” crap are not working.So, they had to bring up the “big guns” into play.Trump signing this new space directive is a clear sign that Flat Earth cannot be stopped anymore, and the only option is to delay the inevitable.

   By signing this new directive, Trump is basically preparing the world for the Flat Earth disclosure.Willingly or not, Trump is asking the impossible from NASA.With the technology we have today, a Moon mission cannot be faked on a TV screen.Millions and millions of people have telescopes and high zoom cameras.And access to the Internet.A Moon mission will be LIVE, and everyone will see it.And that is the big problem : nobody will ever witness such a mission, because such a mission is impossible.

   They will postpone the Moon mission, time and time again, under the guise of “technical difficulties”, at first.But…we went to the Moon 6 times already, between 1969-1972.The “technical difficulties” narrative won’t work.It will actually backfire.Than they will bring up the “financial effort”.While this is more credible, it will still not work.Most likely they are betting on the same narrative from 2009, when Obama scrapped G.W.Bush space program, on the account of being too costly.And that was just 1 trillion $, not 30+ trillion $ needed for Trump’s space program.

   However, all this will take time.You can’t announce today that we are going back to the Moon, and tomorrow to announce that we need to postpone the mission because… whatever reason.They are betting that Flat Earth can be delayed enough until a new President will scrap Trump’s space program.Well, that is 3 years, at least, if not 7.

   Looking at how Flat Earth grows in numbers and in the media, in 3 years (my personal opinion is less than 1 year and a half), Flat Earth will take over, both in numbers and media coverage.And they probably know that.Which is why they had to come with this new space directive.It is a financially impossible task, but they had to bring it up, in an effort to stale Flat Earth ascension.It will not work, obviously, because signing a piece of paper where you say “we are doing this and that” doesn’t prove that we live on a globe.

   The more time it passes without a Moon mission, or even a trip around the Moon, without even landing on the Moon, the more people will understand that not only we will never go to the Moon, but we never been in the first place.And that is the biggest step toward Flat Earth.What Trump did, willingly or not, was to sign the death sentence for NASA and the globe.He gaven them the green light, the funding and his support.Now NASA must deliver.Which they cannot.

   The entire reason to create NASA was to fake a picture of Earth.The entire reason for Trump to sign this space directive is to put some brakes on Flat Earth Giant steamrolling all over the world.While NASA fakery worked for 45 years, until the technology became available for everyone, and information is instant and accessible to everyone, this new space directive will be very short lived.Still, they had to do it, because apparently they are at the end of the rope.And they need a little bit more time, before coming out clean.

   That time is almost over.And 2018 will prove that.Without a massive war or devastating financial crash, or both, the Flat Earth disclosure is just around the corner.I predicted it (based on a number of statistical data) to be the summer of 2019.But it might be even sooner than that.

   It might be by the end of 2018.


Flat Earth Education.



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