Eric Dubay latest video – a monumental stupidity

   Today, Eric Dubay posted this video on his channel :


I will not talk about Hitler, or the Jews, or the Holocaust.I have my own personal views about these subjects, like everyone else.However, as a flat earther, I do not express my opinions on these highly subjective and sensitive matters, simply because I do not want Flat Earth to be mixed up with the Holocaust and Hitler.For me, Flat Earth needs to be exclusively a scientific matter.

  But Dubay seems not to understand simple facts of life.The world we live in today should be a world where everything should be open to debate.Everything.But, it is not.A flat earther who really understands that Flat Earth is far more important than everything else, because everything else is connected or have its roots in the Flat Earth truth, also understands that his personal views on delicate matters should not be mixed with Flat Earth.

   Anyone of us should be free to talk about Hitler, but when you are a prominent flat earther, you do NOT express your opinions on Hitler, if those opinions are different from the majority.Its a simple, logical fact.You can talk ALL DAY LONG about flat earth, and the real repercussions will be, at the worst, insults and mockery.Do the same about Hitler and the Holocaust, and the repercussions will be much more severe, starting with being banned on the social media, and ending with fines and eventually prison, in the extreme cases.

   It should NOT be like that, but it is.What Hitler did or did not, doesn’t really matter.Being labeled a Nazi while being a flat earther, matters.Dubay’s personal opinions on Hitler is the reason why he should never give interviews on mainstream media.In the best case scenario, his entire YT channel will be shutdown, and in the worst case scenario, flat earthers will be labeled Nazis.

   This latest video posted by Dubay is a monumental stupidity.The flat earther with the highest number of YouTube subscribers, the person who was among the firsts that revived the Flat Earth theory, one of the most known flat earthers today, not only makes a video about Hitler, but asks his viewers to “help spread the word”.

   Yes, freedom of expression should be untouchable.Yes, debating highly sensitive subjects should be part of this freedom of expression.But, for everything there is a time and a place.Flat Earth should never ever be mixed with other issues, no matter what the issue is, because we live in a world (hopefully not for long) where labels matter more than anything else.

   A highly appreciated neurosurgeon, for example, will lose its job, if he is labeled a Nazi, or Holocaust denier, or a Sandy Hook denier, or a 9/11 conspiracy nut.His entire professional achievements, the lives he saved, won’t matter anymore.He is a conspiracy nut, and he should never do brain surgery again.His former colleagues will stop talking to him, for the fear of being labeled the same.It is a messed up world, and we need to change it.

   But talking about Hitler or the Holocaust or Sandy Hook or 9/11, or even finding the truth behind these persons and events, WILL NOT CHANGE THE WORLD.I said it before, even if tomorrow the irrefutable proof of 9/11 being an inside job, with undeniable proofs that Bush or Clinton or the Pope, or the Saudis, or the Israelis, or the Russians or all of them together were behind 9/11, IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE WORLD.Those people will go to prison, some will be executed, but the system will STAY THE SAME.The Americans will still have to “choose” between 2 parties, the Europeans will still be invaded by refugees, the Middle East will still be a fucking mess, the Africans will still die from starvation, and yes, there will STILL BE WARS.

   If Dubay cannot understand that, fine be be.He should stop talking about Flat Earth and focus on Hitler, Jews and the Holocaust.Or Disneyland.Or zombies.Or whatever the hell he wants, but stop talking about Flat Earth.

   If Dubay understands that, he should stop talking about ANYTHING else, but Flat Earth.

   I do not want to be labeled a Nazi just because the most popular flat earther wants to debate Hitler and the Holocaust.Maybe I want that too, but it is not the time or the place for that.


Flat Earth Education.


2 thoughts on “Eric Dubay latest video – a monumental stupidity

  1. I think that Eric Dubay and what he stood for was agreeable to creationists and flat earthers alike. But you haven’t explored one scenario.

    Eric Dubay may have been controlled. And coming out and talking about Hitler, Zionist jews the holohoax etc might have been the most suitable way for the powers that be to bury him while simultaneously labelling his followers or anyone else that espouses flat earth as nazi loving anti semites.
    It’s funny; they were happy for him to preach FE to the masses, to enlighten the masses with the truth, but truth is they wanted to discredit the fe movement by making us out to be “conspiracy nutters”

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    1. There is more than one scenario, but without any real proofs, I rather not speculate on the “Why” Eric channel was terminated.The official reason for termination is “hate speech”.Eric did posted videos where Hitler and the Nazis are presented as the “good guys” and Jews as the “bad guys” (along the U.S. and U.K. governments), but that is far from “hate speech” in my book.However, it is “hate speech” for a lot of other people.We can spend months arguing on the real reason that led to Eric’s channel to be terminated, but that is really not the point.The point is that Flat Earth cannot be legally stopped.YouTube cannot just terminate Flat Earth channels, without a legal base, because if they do, they are kinds fucked.However, they can terminate ANY channel if they have the smallest of the legal reasons.Eric’s channel was terminated after MULTIPLE violations.I am following Eric since last 2014.YouTube had plenty of legal reasons to terminate his channel…all of the reasons being provided by Eric.Flat Earth Asshole had a ban on live feeds, for saying that nobody died in Sandy Hook.Mark Sargent had a warning for implying the same, and had to remove the video.RussianVids was terminated for implying false flags on multiple occasions.If we give them the reasons, they WILL terminate us.Now, Eric KNEW that.Why did he choose to “stick it” to YouTube, knowing that his channel will be terminated after his latest video, I do now know.Maybe he was forced to shut up about FE, and make it look like he was silenced because of Hitler and the Holocaust videos.Maybe he wanted his channel to be terminated, prompting a lot of people to look into Hitler and Holocaust topics.Maybe he wasn’t actually a flat earther, and his flat earth narrative was to build a solid platform on YouTube, where he could reach more people and spread his views on Hitler.Maybe he was just stupid, posting videos about a topic that always led to bans, fines, prison, interdictions, job loss, etc.I don’t know.It is up to everyone to believe whatever they want.I am just pissed off because his channel was terminated and some very good Flat Earth material is no longer accessible.


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