An excellent explanation of the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse (and more)

   The video bellow belongs to Flat Earth 101 (the Indonesian Flat Earth community official YT channel).It confirms, with solid scientific data and really simple math, that the eclipse path direction can only go from East to West, if the world is a globe spinning in space, and West to East, if the world is flat and immovable.


The link is from Globebusters YT channel, and I used their link simply because they also agreed with the path being wrong.

   I wrote A LOT, before and after the eclipse, why the path cannot work on the globe model, limiting as much as possible the math that supported my claims, going against Jeran (from jeranism) and Mike Helmick, who supported the possibility that the eclipse going from West to East works on a globe model

   These are my previous articles on the eclipse :


   I didn’t needed a confirmation that my arguments were correct, but I needed a video extensive enough, that explains why eclipses cannot work on the globe, heliocentric model.

   And for that, I thank Flat Earth 101 and the Indonesian FE community.


Flat Earth Education.


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