The rambling of an astrophysicist : dr.Dan Bacheldor

Hid name should be Dan Batshitcrazy. The man is completely detached from reality.Watch this 8 min and 54 sec video, just make sure you don’t have anything breakable around :


The first sentence is a complete lie : “I’m an astrophysicist, which means I study the physics of the Universe”. Actually, he is not lying, he actually BELIEVES that he studies something that it’s impossible to study.

   “The physics of the Universe”…really ? Can’t he be more full of itself ? And full of shit?Nope, it’s impossible.This is the main reason these people need to just disappear from history.But before that, they need to disappear from books and schools.How could you EVER debate Flat Earth with someone who is CONVINCED he is studying the fucking Universe?

   Right after he talks about the “gravitational waves that we can detect”, without even reading what his peers wrote about those gravitational waves.And what his peers, from physics departments of major Universities and physics societies wrote is that those gravitational waves, allegedly detected this year, were nothing back background NOISE.But I guess LYING is the way to go against flat earth, because TRUTH clearly is not acceptable.

   I won’t go further and analyze each of the phrases this excuse of a human being is saying, because everything he said in the video is a lie, or a half truth, or a mixed truths and lies or plain simple science-fiction propaganda-like bullshit.

   And now we have the confirmation of WHY no “scientist” wants to debate flat earthers : their science-fiction lying BS propaganda vs our simple, logical, common sense truth will be suicidal.


Flat Earth Education.


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