Flat Earth International Conference 2017 Aftermath

   I choose to take my time before talking about the FE conference, simply because I knew that what will happen after will be complicated at best, and I needed to wait and see how complicated can it get.

   And boy, I did a good thing waiting all this time.

   I will not talk about the Conference too much, because this is not the point of this article.I will just mention that the Conference was a positive thing for flat earth, and if you take the time to read this article, you will understand why it was positive.

   Before going into all the “aftermath” thing, I know that a small minority of flat earthers, for reasons that contradict basic logic, did not want this Conference to happen. But since it did happen, all they have left is to whine a little bit. They already got over it, since their numbers are small. Most likely they are globetards under the guise of flat earthers, because frankly, no one sane enough could be against a Flat Earth Conference.

   The FE Conference was positive simply because it brought Flat Earth into main stream media, big time.Sure, there were some interviews before, here and there, but those rare interviews did not have any meaningful impact on the general population.The amount of interviews after the FE Conference speaks for itself.Sure, most media outlets mocked us, but remember, the media have only 3 options : ignore, mock and debate.Also remember, that neither of the options worked against FE, but actually worked for FE.

   Now, the small minority that were against the FE Conference, is against mark Sargent, and oddly enough, this anti-Mark Sargent wave started shortly before the Conference (if it was any real support against mark Sargent, it would be in 2015, or 2016, at best) and continued (now its almost over) shortly after the Conference.I said it that it was a clear attempt by globetards to derail the Conference, and I also said it that it will fail, because it always fail.The fact that a couple flat earth Youtubers were dumb enough to be part of this attempt, and actually go against Mark Sargent, means that some of us still don’t see, or don’t accept the big picture.

   The big picture is, and I said it before, that the Flat Earth is not about the shape of our world.Sure, the shape of our world matters, but what comes after the shape is proven and acknowledged by most people alive it what matters.And if we, the flat earthers today, want to bring Flat Earth to the public, there is only one way to do it : getting Flat Earth mainstream.Like it or not, we still live in 2017, not 2117, and like it or not, the majority of people in 2017 are still getting their information from TV and radio.Most people, worldwide, over 50 years old, are not using a computer.Most people between 16 and 50 years old are using a computer mainly for entertainment, not information.This is the world we live in today, and the Conference took place in this world.


The above link is the Google trends graph for Flat Earth searches, and the link is from today.As you can see, the interest for flat earth spiked 300% from the before the Conference.And this happened because Flat Earth made it into the mainstream media, especially, like it or not, because of Mark Sargent interviews.And now you will understand why the attacks against Mark before and after the Conference.In the period of time between Nov. 11th and today, Mark Sargent had 12 interviews, David with Jeran had one, Rob Skiba had one (still not available), Patricia Steere had one…and that is about it.It is crystal clear now why Mark Sargent was the target.

   There are some of you who somehow do not understand why Mark Sargent is basically the Flat Earth figure when it comes to mainstream media interviews, and because you don’t understand, you immediately assume that he is controlled opposition.Well, in case you still don’t understand why, I will try my best to explain it to you.

   Some people say that Eric or Del would be much better at interviewing than Mark.I don’t know what is the reason that they believe that, since neither Eric, nor Del, gave any interview in mainstream media.There is a massive difference between mainstream media and alternative media.The alternative media interviews are basically 2 persons with same views, talking to each other.It is not a real interview, it is basically a friendly talk between persons with same views.And that is the kind of “interviews” Eric and Del gave to date.They can say whatever they want, for how long they want, without any fear of being interrupted or mocked.Those “interviews” last for at least one hour, the host is a flat earther, the guests are flat earthers, and unless the guests do a biblical mistake, they will be invited back.Also, the host won’t lose its job if the guest is throwing a lot of “fucks” during the interview.

   With mainstream media, everything is different.You can say “fuck”, but don’t expect a second invitation, not to mention how you will be portrayed after the interview ends, and the way you will be portrayed, reflects on all of us.You cannot talk about whatever you want, and how you want, but specifically talk about what you have been asked.You will not have 20 minutes to answer a question, but 20 seconds to 1 minute, at best.You will be interrupted, and you will have to accept to be intrerupted, and react politely.You will be mocked.You will be asked stupid questions, who have an implied answer.

   The difference between mainstream media and alternative media is the one between being interviewed by a cop, inside a police station, and a friendly chat with your best buddy.

   When you put ALL of this in balance (and much more – I worked at a radio station and I have seen first hand how an interview is prepared), we, flat earthers, do not have many options when comes to who is the best at mainstream media interviews.It is basically one person, and again, like it or not, that person is Mark Sargent.

   Bob Knodel is another good option, but Bob does not have what Mark Sargent already have : over 150 interviews, most with mainstream media.Jeran can be a good option, but his reactions to the word “NASA” don’t do good on interviews.Rob Skiba is another good option, but Rob’s religious views, albeit normal and fully in his rights, do not make a good impression.Eric Dubay refuses interviews with the mainstream media, and it is good that he does.It is enough for any mainstream media to present 1 minute with Eric Dubay talking about Holocaust and Hitler, and all flat earthers will be portrayed at Nazis and Holocaust denier.And while it is everyone’s RIGHT to an opinion, this is not what matters.What matter, is the image.

   A reminder for those who might disagree with what I said until now : we live in 2017, and the world we live in is a world where media and image, not truth and reality, matters.Until we will change that, is what we have to roll with.

   Mark Sargent cannot be labeled as racist, or Nazi, or religious nut, or impolite.Whether he answers the questions the way you like it or not, or if you think you, or someone else could answer those questions better, again, this is not the point.The point is, that regarding mainstream media, Mark Sargent have all the qualities needed to be our best option.Now.I don’t know the future.But for now, Mark is all we got, and to be honest, I don’t see anyone else, for now, doing a better job.

   To come to a conclusion, the Flat Earth International Conference 2017, brought Flat Earth fully into mainstream media, and the face of Flat Earth in mainstream media is, for now, Mark Sargent.Like him or not, looking at Google trends, I think he did a good job.Could have been better? Yes. But some of those interviews were taken at 5 a.m., some were head to head, and Mark Sargent is still a normal person, not someone who is on TV on a daily basis.And normal persons do mistakes, especially when facing a hostile host.

   However, at some point in the future, more flat earthers will be interviewed, not only Mark Sargent.Let’s just hope that they will do as good as we all hope.But they won’t, at the beginning, because everyone fucks up first interviews in mainstream media.Let’s just hope they won’t fuck it up too bad.

   This is what is coming for Flat Earth in 2018 : a lot of interviews, with hostile reporters.

   I for one, hope that everyone who will be interviewed in 2018, will be at least polite enough to have a follow-up interview.How good they answer, doesn’t matter.We need Flat Earth in the mainstream media, and a 10 or 20 minutes interview with a hostile host, regardless of how good the questions are answered, no one will become a flat earther after that interview.But if the guest is polite enough, a lot of people will look for answers on the Internet.Because in the end, this is the entire reason to have Flat Earth in the mainstream media : to get more and more people researching Flat Earth.The answers are not in a mainstream media interview, or a hundred, the answers are on the Internet.But without the interview, most people won’t look for the answers on the Internet.



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