The latest Globalist desperate attack against Flat Earth

   MGTV (a YouTube Channel suspended now) posted a video against Mark Sargent, and because Mark is the most prolific flat earther (he did 100+ interviews promoting Flat Earth) , also against Flat Earth.

   In my book, until a flat earther is opposing Flat Earth, or attacks another flat earther, it’s more than ok. Mark Sargent, leaving aside his views on Flat Earth which cannot ever be 100% like all the others, never ever attacked another flat earther and never ever spoke against Flat Earth.

   I was surprised that A LOT of people jumped the fence, and attacked Mark in the comments on the original video, and the following mirrored videos.

   Isn’t supposed that flat earther are flat earthers EXACTLY BECAUSE the globe have no proof and the flat earth have a lot of proofs?

   I mean, all those idiots, yes, idiots, who commented against Mark, did look for any proof that Mark is actually controlled opposition? Because the MGTV video have absolutely ZERO evidence that Mark is controlled opposition.

   A registered domain with the name Mark Sargent? Really ? How many Mark Sargent exist ? Probably at least hundreds ! A mobile app? Jesus, there are tens of thousands of apps ! 

   Are the above EVIDENCE for anything? Can’t even label them as evidence ! I can label them as being as believable as UFO pictures, alien pictures or Bigfoot videos.

   I am a conspiracy guy, except flat earth, because flat earth is not one, but I am a sane conspiracy guy.I am not jumping the gun the moment an idiot thinks a coincidence, or a letter in a name, or the sum of some shit is 33.I need some solid proof or at least circumstantial evidence, or logical impossibilities to even consider a conspiracy serious enough to waste my time on it.

   But this MGTV crap (not their first btw) is not even close to be a low life crap conspiracy.Is based on absolutely nothing.I can bet my savings that my name letters have a number that signifies something, and if not, added with something else can give a significant number.Or the fact that back in 1988, when in the military school, I was closely working with the intel officer, can prove, in the minds of crazy people, that since than I was prepared to be a flat earther…

   This latest attack, was short-lived, will be proven futile, and as always, will backfire.Not to mention that with 2 weeks before the FE conference, this video pops out.I mean…I knews for at least ONE YEAR, from Mark Sargent mouth (in one of his interviews) that there is a Mark Sargent domain that IT IS NOT HIS ! He mentioned that at least 3 times in his interviews in the last 2 years.

   And the video comes out now? I knew that some flat earthers are flat earthers just because, not having enough intelligence and critical thinking to become real flat earthers, but I did not expected to be so many.

   That is looking bad, but, regardless, the sane flat earth minds will prevail.Not the first time they (the globalists) try to pull this type of shit, and surely is not the last time.But, again, their attempts are in the same time futile and will backfire.


Flat Earth Education.


2 thoughts on “The latest Globalist desperate attack against Flat Earth

  1. Mark says crazy things and is horrible on some flat earth stuff. But the evidence wasnt even evidence as it was Mark Sargent…not flat earth clues or whatever that was registered yrs b4 from what I saw in the video. He does lots of great interviews with people who arent idiots but sometimes he is not sure if what he says turns anyone off who wouldnt be anyway. These attacks are the opposition winning not flat earthers that say stupid shit.


    1. FE opposition never wins.If they would have, FE would not exist. As for Mark being horrible on some flat earth stuff, you have to understand that not all flat earthers have the same view on all FE aspects. Mark support what most flat earther support : an immobile flat earth, a dome, and a creationist (albeit not religious) view on FE. Mark was interviewed by various outlets, and depending on what kind of outlet it was and that specific outlet audience, he always answered those question differently, from outlet to outlet, exactly as it supposed to do.Some audiences are more open to FE, some not, hence, he did almost always a perfect job in drawing that audience to look into FE. I can understand Mark, because I myself did some interviews in my life. It is almost a certainty to be wrong, or at least not to answer as good as you wanted. It is really hard, especially live, which is basically 100% for Mark.


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