Flat Earth 737 pilot gets grounded

   Mark Sargent, on September 30th, 2017, posted and interview with Lydia, a Dutch 737 pilot, who became a flat earther and opened up to her colleagues about it.

   Long story short, she was called “retarded” and “liable” by her colleagues, she had to visit the company psychiatrist and she was grounded in March this year.

   There are a lot of newcomers to Flat Earth, who have a hard time accepting it mainly because they cannot see how all the pilots and scientists be part of a such conspiracy.They think someone will blow the whistle.

   And some do.There are paleontologists who proved that the so-called dinosaur bones have soft tissue, and sometimes even remains of blood vessels.And those paleontologists did not stopped to just proving that, but also presented those proofs to their higher echelons.They were asked to stop, and if not, they will be fired.Some of them did not stopped…and they got fired.After that they went public in presenting their findings.

   I believe that at this point in time, a lot of pilots and scientists are flat earthers, but they know that it will cost them the job if they open up about Flat Earth.However, times are changing, and changing rapidly.The Flat Earth community is HUGE.It is the biggest community out there.Bigger than gay people.And it keeps growing, at a faster pace than a year ago, when it was already exponentially growing.

   The time will come (very soon, less than 2 years) when our community will represent a significant percentage of worldwide adult population (at least 35-40 % by 2020, if not sooner) and not if, but when this will happen, a truckload of pilots and scientists will open up publicly supporting Flat Earth.

   There is a key event that can hasten this.One key event already happened (the eclipse) and this event brought millions more to Flat Earth.The next key event (even if some don’t like it) will be the Flat Earth International Conference in November 2017, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

   The conference will be MASSIVE, bigger than most conferences that ever took place.It will be covered by A LOT of media, among them being a number of very big media outlets.There are still 5-6 mainstream media interviews who took place, but are not yet released to the public.

   The media is waiting for the conference.They want to SEE how many we are, what kind or people we are, and how Flat Earth will be presented.I believe that the media will be baffled, in a positive way, and Flat Earth will be presented, by most, as a very serious, if not extremely plausible theory.I know it is a fact, but media can only present it as a theory…which is better than presenting it as a conspiracy.

   I will close this article by thanking Lydia for her courage to stand up for Flat Earth, and telling her that she is not the only pilot who KNOWS that our world is flat. 

   Bellow is Mark Sargent video interviewing Lydia :


Flat Earth Education.


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