Flat Earth – Going into offensive – Step 1 : YouTube

   For our community, YouTube is the most important platform…but any Flat Earth channel can be blocked or deleted because of some idiots complaining to YouTube, based on various copyright rules and/or various emotional reactions.Denying Sandy Hook, for example, can get your account suspended.These things happened and it will continue to happen.

   There is a new (ish) alternative to YouTube, and this one should be considered by every Flat Earth YouTuber.Making a YouTube backup channel on YouTube was the only reliable option (until now), which in the end, is the same : giving YouTube the same power as they had before.

   Making a backup channel on other platform, should be the first move out Flat Earth YouTubers should do…and slowly, but surely, move their entire old new content to the new platform, and have all the new videos on the new platform alone.

   We have the numbers to hit back at YouTube, for everything they did and do against Flat Earth, because make no mistake, they mess up views numbers and thumbs numbers, especially for Flat Earth videos.I am not even going to mention the number of people on YouTube that thumb down FE videos just because.

   Now we have the an alternate platform to do it.It is called DTube ( https://dtube.video/#! ), and I strongly suggest every Flat Earther to consider DTube as a viable alternative, because the time will come when YouTube will start suspending more and more Flat Earth channels.

   Maybe waiting until that will happen is not the best way.Maybe the best way is to slowly, but surely, to already have a heavy presence on DTube before YouTube decided to bring in the hammer on Flat Earth.

YouTube will not die because Flat Earthers will move to a new platform, the same way Facebook won’t die if Flat Earthers will move to a new platform, not for now, anyway, because we do not have the numbers, but we do have the numbers to hit them quite hard, and to be honest, we need an alternative to these censorship giants.

I am not an American, and my political views do not matter in the Trump vs NFL issue, but that is a perfect example of what people can do if they are united and fight back.NFL viewer numbers on main U.S. TV channels dropped from anywhere from 8% to 23%, just because those overpaid retards decided to protest against whatever they protest, by dishonoring the flag of the United States.Already a number of players lost their sponsors (which basically means they are out of job) and a HUGE number of NFL supporters stopped going to the game, watching the games and canceled their tickets.

YouTube is owned by Google, and they get their money exclusively from advertising.The Flat Earth channels bring in a lot of money for YouTube, not enough to impact them so drastically (again, for now) in order to force them to reconsider their politics, but here is the thing : our free time is limited.If we spend our 1 or 2 hours of free time on YouTube…they get paid by an advertiser for that.If we spend our 1 or 2 hours on other platform…YouTube gets nothing.


Flat Earth Education.


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