Flat Earth : rapper BoB is NOT a flat earther

   There is no flat earther alive who believes in satellites in space.Not even one.One cannot be a flat earther AND believes satellites fly into space.We accept the idea of satellites hanging to balloons…but that is about it.

   Rapper BoB (rappers are usually dumb as fuck) did what a dumb person (or a controlled person) does : dumb stuff.

   His latest campaign on gofundme speak volumes.This character, so present himself as a flat earther, wants to raise $ 200,000.00 to send a satellite, or more, into space or in orbit.

   First obvious dumb thing is the $ 200k price.If the satellites were IN SPACE, the medium cost of putting one in orbit is about…$ 200 million.BoB sounds like a dumb fuck….and flat earthers also sound dumb as fuck, since BoB is seen as a flat earther.

   Second obvious dumb thing is for him to ask for $ 200k…when he allegedly have millions of $.Clearly this is a scheme to make some money, because this guy might actually be poor.

   Third dumb thing is to believe in satellites being in orbit in space.If BoB is really a flat earther, he would never talk about satellites being real, let alone asking money to send one in space.

   Needless to say, BoB is controlled opposition.He is not a flat earther, he never was.He is TOO DUMB to be a flat earther, but also dirty enough to be controlled by the globalists.

   There is one good thing in this story : we god rid of one shill, and we know that shills can only be only those easy to be controlled, usually low-end celebrities.


Flat Earth Education.


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