Flat Earth – Black holes, Big Bang and gravitational waves have no scientific base

   If you have the time, please read this article, published in June 2012, in Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Physics and Space Science.It is not a light reading, the article being full of formulas, but for anyone interested in real science, this article is awesome.

   No wonder it didn’t make it to the main stream science magazines and journals.It is basically destroying Einstein’s theory of Relativity, and we all know that an attack to one of the Gods of scientism cannot be made publicly available.

   Anyway, have a read :http://vixra.org/pdf/1207.0018v2.pdf

   I will make a resume of this article, since I just got my eyes on it.I understand it is too much for most people to understand the language used in the article.Hopefully by this weekend it will ready.


Flat Earth Education.


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