Flat Earth : Think for yourself

   Thinking for yourself might look like simple and easy to do, but as flat earthers, we know that this is not the case.The society, actually, the system that we live in, is shaped in such a way, that thinking for yourself is close to impossible for most people.

   In most countries, virtually everyone is bound to live a number of years as being a student, usually from 7 to 19 years old.And by student, I do not necessarily mean a person in a classroom.I mean a person that belongs to an educational system, be it school, college, trade skill school or simply the son of a poor farmer whose father is the teacher.

   During those years, a person, especially if it is a student in an organized schooling system, becomes the person who will live its entire life with the same concepts, ideals and principles the school taught him.Some of those concepts, ideals and principles will change, depending where and if that person will work, how his colleagues behave, what type of person its spouse is, the death of a close one, etc.

   But, basically, most of what that person is taught in school is the backbone of its personality.

   The way the educational system is built (in all countries that have an educational system, which is basically every country in the world, with the exception of war ravaged and/or poor countries in Africa and some in Asia) is to ensure that the students will never ever be open-minded, critical thinkers and truth seekers, but slaves for the system.

   The educational system, if can be described as simple as possible, is a system where students are presented with a single opinion for a subject, are required to learn and memorize that opinion, and the student that memorize it and repeats it better than other students, is rewarded with an A, or a A+.Being rewarded means you did something good, and in the mind of the young, it is also true, because the logical human mind cannot conceive that you can be good at something is not true.

   The worst part is that all students, not only those with the best grades, consider that intelligence is measured in the capacity of repeating what other people said or wrote, and because of this particular characteristic, they will act the same in their work place and life, in general.Most humans, because the way they have been educated, consider the measure of intelligence the ability to repeat what others said, wrote or did before him, and try to be better at, but using the same way its predecessors used, and will consider measure of stupidity anything that presents a different way of saying, writing or doing what its predecessors did.

   Because of how the educational system shapes personality, thinking for yourself is a very, very hard thing to do.In a nutshell, thinking for yourself is being able to question the dominant opinion on a subject, seek the truth about that subject, regardless which is it, and live with the consequences of that truth.

   There are a lot of people, and I mean A LOT, who refuse to question something only because they understand that their life will change is they also seek the truth of what they question.And I am talking about anything, not Flat Earth in particular.For example, most people will not question their spouse, because if they do, they feel guilt in doing so.Most people will not question their teachers, for the fear of getting a bad grade.Most people won’t question their boss, for the fear of losing their job, and most people don’t question the dominant opinion of their peers, for the fear of being ridiculed.

   The idea of a flat world, is the pinnacle of questioning the dominant opinion.Nothing, absolutely nothing come close to this.The globe earth and the heliocentric model are the most dominant opinions in the world.Not even religions come close, because while almost everyone believes in the spinning globe around the Sun in an infinite Universe, not everyone is a Muslim, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Shintoist, or whatever.Or an atheist.

   A person can easily question everything else, without any fear of persecution…except the shape of our world.If I question Islam, I have hundreds of millions of Christians and Buddhists who will back me up.If I question 9/11, I have hundreds of millions who will back me up.If I question the shape of our world…well, I still have at least tens, if not hundreds of millions who will back me up…BUT the society in general, while considering questioning Islam or 9/11 as an acceptable philosophical or political endeavour, the same society will consider questioning the shape of our world the most stupid, useless, and time-wasting idea.EVER.

   What Flat Earth did for me, and probably most flat earthers, is life changing.Before becoming a flat earther I was basically a bigot, and my bigotry was supported by the fact that I was a very popular, with very good grades in school, I was a person whose opinions influenced (or I thought so at the time) the ones around me, a person with very strong and solid opinions in every subject I knew (or I thought I knew) and a person who was proven right most of the time, not because I was right (I see that now) but because others were less informed in a certain subject.

   Today, I am no longer that type of person, thanks to Flat Earth.Today, I am able to accept, and listen and talk, about everything.Today, I am able to question everything, including my views of the shape of our world, and able to accept the truth, whatever it is.

   If tomorrow, the world is presented with a solid proof (or proofs) that we live on a spinning globe around a Sun, in an infinite Universe, the only thing that will change in my life will be a good one : I will KNOW the shape of our world, even if it is a spinning globe.But at least I will KNOW it, and not believe it.

   I am still not a fully open-minded person, but I am a critical thinker and a truth seeker, and this is all because of Flat Earth and flat earthers.I know a lot of people, from different backgrounds, different ages and political opinions, different religious and philosophical views who are flat earthers, and this means that anyone can break off the indoctrination.Anyone.No matter how close minded it is or how big of a bigot it is.

   I am one of the “old” flat earthers.May 2015 is when I became a flat earther, after almost 6 months of sleepless nights, trying to prove, for myself, that the globe is real.I lived the birth of Flat Earth.And I watch it growing since than.One thing became clearer and clearer : Flat Earth is changing the world and nothing can stop it.The globe Earth indoctrination started to crack, back in 2014, and today, it is failing.It will completely fail, very soon.As I said numerous times, I see Flat Earth becoming dominant in the next 2 years, unless they ( you know who they are) will stop the Internet.But I also said that they cannot afford to do it, because they need it.

   All flat earthers have a motto : “Do not believe what I say, do your own research”.This motto is our best weapon, and the only weapon that cannot be countered.This motto gives power, this motto makes a person understand that we do not want to make everyone a flat earther, but to make everyone a critical thinker.But we know that anyone, if takes the time to do the research, will become a flat earther.This is why Flat Earth is growing and nothing and no one can stop it : people started to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

   And this is big.As a person who lived almost 17 years under a communist regime (just a tad better that North Korean one) I know one thing : there is no way to stop a person think, but only to make it think in the way it suits the leaders.But there is also impossible to make a person think in a particular way forever.


Stay safe.


Flat Earth Education.


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