Cassini : The fake crash of a fake probe in the fake space

   It should be no surprise that NASA decided to fake crash their fake Cassini space probe.The flat earth community dismantled every last CGI NASA came up with, including those they said were sent by the Cassini “space” probe orbiting Saturn.

   If it weren’t for us, flat earthers, Cassini would orbit, without any problems, Saturn forever.But NASA knows that their end is near.So, they did what they do best : destroy everything that could be used to prove their hoaxes and lies.

   Moon landings missions telemetry data? Lost. Moon landing missions tech ? Destroyed.August eclipse live stream from ISS? “Technical difficulties”.

   It won’t make any difference anyway, because flat earth community is growing with or without NASA’s fake crap around.We know that nobody ever went to the Moon, telemetry data or not, we know that there is no ISS up there, eclipse live streaming or not, and we know that there is no Cassini orbiting Saturn, crashed or not.

   Now, we should expect, in the next two, maybe three years, the Mars rover to break down and ISS to be dismantled.They will have to do it, because every crap that allegedly come from ISS and the rover are fake as crap, and easy to prove (because we have access to the required tech) as being fake.It is better (for a short-term) for NASA to just remove their fake ISS and fake rover on Mars, instead being ripped apart every time they make public more CGI crap.

   We might not even witness the impeding fake break down of the Mars rover and fake dismantling of the fake ISS, because flat earth is almost at critical mass.Flat Earth might be accepted and acknowledged as truth before NASA fakes the death of their fakes.

   I will end up this article by posting two images : one being a “real” photo took by Cassini, the other being an artist impression.To be honest…I don’t see any difference, except the background in the artist impression being blue and having star lights, instead black and empty, and Saturn being yellowish instead grayish.The rings however, are basically the same, just viewed from a different angle.

cassini 1

cassini 2


Stay flat, and stay tuned.


Flat Earth Education.



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