A truther’s rant about Flat Earth and flat earthers

This is going to be a long article.Please take your time and read it.

   Yesterday, on Facebook, a certain post prompted hundreds of comments, from a lot of people.Bellow, you can see the post in question.


As a person who have been into conspiracies for quite a long time, I can tell you that a lot of so-called truthers adhere to Jesse James views.However, as I wrote on my previous articles, this view is only the latest one among truthers.

   It took a while until the truthers came to this view.Firstly, they ignored Flat Earth, as being the product of a dumb, uneducated bunch of people.Secondly, when some of those truthers became flat earthers, the reaction was simply : “It’s a psyop directed against the truth movement”.

   Only recently, the truthers understood that Flat Earth is neither a product of dumb, uneducated people, nor a psyop.Why only recently? As Jesse James said : “And I know I speak for at least half of the worldwide Truth Movement”, the truthers realized that the other half of them are Flat Earthers.The truthers are unable to see the big picture, this being the main reason why the so-called Truth Movement achieved exactly nothing.But it is all about to change.

   That being said, let’s “dissect” what Jesse James said, and help him, and other truthers left outside the Flat Earth camp (about half of the truthers are flat earthers) understand the Flat Earth phenomenon.

   The entire rant is painfully clear that this Jesse James, and a lot of truthers, are desperate.They do not understand how is possible that so many of their fellows became Flat Earthers, after all, the conspiracy sites banned every Flat Earth subject on their forums, and also banned the promoters of such topics.The truthers are desperate, because in just couple years, half of their “movement” , had been “lost” to Flat Earth.And I genuinely understand their desperation.

   To prove, again, that truthers don’t see the big pictures, Jesse James is convinced that Flat Earth, if there would be a list of our problems, the shape of the Earth would be “dead LAST” if you prioritize the problems on that list.Jesse James, and the remaining truthers, today, see the shape of the Earth as not even being a problem, and if it is one, is the LAST one we should be concerned of.

   Flat Earthers, on the other side, see the shape of the Earth as not only the main problem we have, but many flat earthers (I am amongst them) consider the shape of the Earth as the ONLY problem we have.All the other problems we have are a by-product of the globe LIE we have been fed for generations.

   Jesse James realizes that half of the truthers are now flat earthers, and he should understand WHY.And the main reason is that truthers, sooner or later, realize that the globe lie is the root of ALL our problems, and only a united movement, with a united goal, might actually do something.

   Another logical fail that Jesse James and the remaining half of the truthers not into Flat Earth (yet), is represented by how they see the reaction if the whole world will know that our world is flat, and Jesse’s words are perfect to describe this logical failure :

   “Oh, it’s FLAT? THAT’S weird; I always thought it was “round”! Ya learn somethin’ new every day, don’t ya? Well, I gotta get to work.See ya later.”

   To assume that EVERYONE ELSE thinks the same way you think about something is the perfect example of a logical fallacy.People are different, reactions are different.Jesse is so brainwashed, that he thinks that all the people, if the entire world would be proven to be flat, today, will don’t give a fuck, and will go to work, like they did yesterday.Well Jesse, let me break it to you : over 90% of world population belongs to a religion that believes in God, and while the revelation, worldwide, that we live on a flat Earth might not seem such a big deal to you, HIDING God is a fucking big deal for A LOT of people, and those people, being humans, will tear apart, physically, everything and everyone they consider responsible for hiding God.Not all 90% of them, but a big chunck of them.And there is nothing that could stop them.

   Jesse and other truthers have no problem with people who believe the Earth is flat, however, the flat earthers should “Stop the bullshit“, and that Flat Earth should not be pushed as a Truth Theory (we don’t push it as a theory, we push it as a fact Jesse) “right in with shit like 9/11″. Dear Jesse, TO DATE, 9/11 is NOT proven as being an inside job.Yes, for anyone with a working brain it is clear that 9/11 WAS an inside job, but still, there is NO PROOF that it was.How would you, and other non-flat earth truthers feel if I would say : “If you believe that 9/11 was an inside job, fine.More power to you.But stop the 9/11 bullshit as being an inside job, because there is no proof that it was.”

   Jesse, the simple fact that “Motherf#ckers” associate truthers with flat earthers, should ring a bell in your head.Like it or not, your truth movement becoming part of the Flat Earth movement is inevitable.Truthers like you should understand that Flat Earth is not about just revealing the truth about the shape of your world, it is about revealing ALL the shit that was and is in our world, INCLUDING 9/11, the white genocide, immigration (legal and illegal), welfare, wars, hunger, crime, rapes, racism, you name it.

   And the good news is that all truthers, including you, will be part of the Flat Earth movement, whether now, you like it or not.The truth movement, as it is today, will no longer exist by the end of next year.Already half of the truthers are flat earthers, and it’s been 3 years.Not because it is a psyop…but because that it is the logical outcome.

   If you don’t understand why it is logical that the current truth movement will vanish, and become part of the Flat Earth movement, let me explain it to you, and all the other truthers still not part of Flat Earth.

   If tomorrow, the world will be presented with solid, undeniable proof, that 9/11 was an inside job, with tapes showing Bush and a bunch of high U.S. officials, drawing the plans, and drinking after 9/11 happened, being happy that they will get to bomb some country, and make billions…the world will smile and move over.Nothing will change.

   Sure, Bush and others will face prison, some maybe the firing squad, the families of those that died on 9/11 will receive compensation…but THAT will be all.The Rotchilds won’t be prosecuted.The members of the CFR won’t be prosecuted.The members of Trilateral Commission won’t be prosecuted.EVERY POWER STRUCTURE that the elites have will be UNTOUCHED.And once the trials end, and the executions ends, and the perpetrators will serve prison time, the 9/11 movement will disappear.

   And that will be the end of 9/11 movement.What will you, and other 9/11-ers, do after?Most will be happy that they finally “won”.That they “beat” the system.That it is over.Well, bad news…they did not KILLED the system.The system will be even stronger, because millions of 9/11-ers will go back to their lives.What will be next? JFK? Nobody gives a fuck about JFK anymore.Chemtrails? Good luck pushing Chemtrails with a fraction of 9/11 truthers.

   I will end this article with some comments about the last words that you used in your beautiful rant : “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!“.

   In the name of not half of the flat earthers, but ALL of the flat earthers, I am sorry, but we CANNOT “cut it out”.Also, we are sorry that you see Flat Earth taking over the truth movement as a bad thing.It is a good thing Jesse, and you will not only realize it, but you, even if you cannot believe it now, will be a flat earther.Already half of the truthers are flat earthers, and this percentage will rise, and rise, until you will look into Flat Earth, because everyone around you is a flat earther.And once you look into Flat Earth, without fear and personal views, you will become a flat earther.

   And it will be a good thing.


Flat Earth Education.


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