Flat Earth vs Globe Earth debate is over

   Frankly, we, flat earthers, presented our proofs, based on experiments, and the globe earthers presented their proofs, based on imagination and theory.There is nothing left to debate.

   At this point in time, flat earthers should stop debating globe earthers.What exactly is up for debate?

   Is the surface of bodies of water, from a cup, to a bathtub, to a pond, to a lake, to an ocean flat and level? Yes, it is, based on a ton of experiments and observations.The globe earthers say that gravity bends water…without any proof whatsoever.Regarding water, the debate is over.Additionally to this, ships don’t disappear over the curvature.

   Is there any curvature to be measured or observed?Nope.Nobody measures or counts for the Earth’s curvature when building canals and bridges or railroads.As for observable curvature, it only exists in wide-angle lens (fish-eye lens) and a couple of poorly faked (and instantly debunked) videos.

   There is NO POINT in debating , once water is always flat and level and there is no curvature.We should not give a flying fuck on what stars do in the South.Why the fuck should we care, as long as water and the lack of curvature PROVE that we live on a flat world.

   If a flat earther STILL debates stars, gravity, relativity, or anything that have nothing to do with the shape of our world, that flat earther should really stop debating useless theories, and stick to only there TWO facts : water and curvature.Nothing else needs to be explained.Nothing.

   Sure, a flat earther can talk about other facts, like planes that fly in a straight line over a curved Earth, or that no star ever changed its position in the last 5,000 years, but those facts do not prove that our world is flat, but only enforce that there is no curvature and enforce that our world is not moving, at all.

   If a globe earther REFUSES to accept the scientific facts that water surface is always flat and level, and that there is no curvature, there is NO POINT in trying to debate stars, or gravity, or whatever other fairy tale they BELIEVE in.Point them to these two facts : water and curvature.It is up for them to accept them or not.

   Lately, due to the fact that our numbers grew up to the point of getting close to 400 millions, and most likely will surpass 500 millions by year’s end, the globetards and their media started a furibund attack against Flat Earth.

   What they do is what we expected them to do : they tells everyone who listen them, what we BELIEVE in, without even one of us telling the, what the fuck we BELIEVE in.They use the old nazi and Stalinist tactics of disinformation.They say we believe that, and we believe this, when that and this are PURE FUCKING BULLSHIT that no flat earther supports or believes in.

   And they can say this bullshit because a lot of us are debating globe earth stuff that can be easily countered.It is time to stop ANY debate that is not ONLY about water and curvature, because anything else can be countered by “experts” or can be presented as being absolute craziness.Water and curvature are easy, simple, and can be observed and experimented by ANYONE.

   All flat earthers, at this point, should start spreading the truth about water and curvature.That is it.If anyone wants to debate the shape of the Earth, it must first PROVE that gravity bends water and PROVE the existence of the curvature.

   Try to understand that we are hundreds of millions, and because of that, today, we can STOP ANY DEBATE that is not focused on what WE WANT.And what we want is simple : we want proofs that gravity bends water and that the curvature is present everywhere.

   Until these proofs are provided to us, we can ignore any other topic that is related to the shape of our world, because without curvature, the sphere does not exists, and without bending water due to gravity, the sphere AND the space does not exists.

   Focus your entire energy on these two proofs : water and curvature, and stick to them regardless of anything else.We are at the point where the truth is reaching critical mass.If they want to attack us, by mocking us, and present what we say and believe in, without any of us saying what they say, it is the time to counter by sticking to water and curvature.

   A lot of people are watching and listen and read those globetards, presenting us like a bunch of idiots.However, a lot of people will actually look into Flat Earth, and already everything points to this.So, let’s help all newcomers to Flat Earth understand WHY do we know that our world is flat : it is water surface and lack of curvature.


Flat Earth Education



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