Flat Earth – A must to see video

This is a video posted on jeranism YouTube channel, on May 15th, 2016. Jeran Campanella’s words are now more true than ever.


Take your time and listen what Jeran have to say, in this just over 11 minutes video.I cannot agree more with what he said.He is absolutely right.It is US against THEM.

   The video have only 27.9k views.It deserves far, far more views.Since May 2016, the number of flat earthers grew exponentially, as the information about Flat Earth grew.A lot of new flat earthers did not have the time to research EVERYTHING about flat earth.

   We all want and need more proofs and new proofs about Flat Earth, but also we need to remember WHY we become flat earthers, and WHAT is our ultimate goal.

    This video sums up perfectly and remembers us WHY we are flat earthers and WHAT is our ultimate goal.

    Please spare 11 minutes of your life and listen to this video.


Flat Earth Education.


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