Flat Earth – Globetards celebrating the End of Flat Earth on August 21st, 2017

As expected, the globetards, being unaware of the fact that they cannot grasp reality (being so brainwashed, they cannot see the big picture), were celebrating the eclipse on August 21st as the day where the Flat Earth died.

   You should see the comments all over the Internet, from Facebook, Twitter, to comments of main stream media newspapers articles : “The Flat Earth is over !”, “The eclipse was the end of Flat Earth”, “Finally, the Flat Earth goes back to the history trash can, where it belongs!”.

   Since the globetards never, ever, research about Flat Earth, they also do not look on how the interest about Flat Earth on Google Trends is doing.Maybe they should, before calling for the “End” of Flat Earth, because this week is not over and Flat Earth interest on Google Trends is spiking already, quite big.

   I don’t know why the globetards believed that this eclipse would end Flat Earth, when it was crystal clear that it will have the opposite effect.The shadow of the Moon was like 20 times smaller than the Moon, the eastward direction was clearly the opposite if we would live on a spinning globe and is not like the Flat Earth model doesn’t have a Sun and Moon, that explain the eclipse far better that the globe model.

   Too many people have seen this eclipse and filmed it, and I believe that most of them heard about Flat Earth topic.Most people that have seen the eclipse are wondering why they could not see the Moon before and after the eclipse, and a lot of them are not happy with the main stream science explanation, which, to be honest, is absolute bullshit.

   Those people are starting to look into Flat Earth, because NOT seeing the Moon is a big issue for them, as it should be for everyone.Those people are not flat earthers, but they will be, after this eclipse, because Flat Earth, once they research it (and they will) makes much more sense than the globe.

   My advice for globetards is to remember this saying “Who laughs the last, laughs harder”.

   They rushed to laugh and celebrate the “End” of Flat Earth.I think it was premature…


Flat Earth Education.



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