Flat Earth – August 21st eclipse

There are already TONS of information and footage about yesterday’s eclipse.If you are wondering if this eclipse proved or not, that we live on a globe or a flat world, you will have to wait a little bit more.

   What is available now, even if it is a lot, it is just prime hand footage, pictures and testimonies.They have to be scrutinized seriously before a solid opinion, based on solid research, can be made.

   One thing that can be noticed, and there can be no doubt about it, is the fact that nobody could see or film or picture the Moon before and after eclipse.A lot of people are asking themselves why they could not see the Moon before and after the eclipse, if the Moon is eclipsing the Sun.

   Now, if you take the time to read the comments on YouTube videos about the fact that nobody could see, or film, or picture the Moon before and after the eclipse, you will notice text-book case of cognitive dissonance coming from the globetards.

   They say that we cannot see the Moon before and after the eclipse because the Sun is too bright…Well, that is absolutely against reality. And they say this because NASA and their scientism priests told them.The reality is that the Moon not only should be visible before and after the eclipse, but it should be a magnificent view, for hours.The Moon is reflecting the Sun light…and the brighter the Sun, the brighter the Moon should be.

   There are videos and testimonies from people, during the eclipse, saying and showing the eclipse starting way, way earlier than it was supposed to start, like one hour earlier.But, until those videos are proven legit, we cannot accept them as being true.Still, there are people noticing things that should not happen when they happened.

   Another fact about yesterday’s eclipse is ISS “live” feed footage.It just happen to “break” down when the eclipse hit the U.S., and it was down for over 2 hours.The most viewed event in human history, and NASA wasn’t prepared, with 4k cameras on ISS, showing us the incredible eclipse viewed from space, without any atmospheric distortions? For real?

   I am expecting A LOT of debate on this eclipse, and A LOT of information.I am expecting solid proofs of the Black Sun, or Rahu. I was never a person who accepted a 3rd body, or object, in the sky. I am still not, but somehow I feel that proof for the 3rd object in the sky is coming, very soon.

   This eclipse was different from all other solar eclipses, because the common man have access to technology that was not accessible for the public before.This eclipse crossed the entire continental United States.Millions of people filmed it, with phones, cameras, telescopes.We have acces to computer programs that can analyze any footage in ways we never had acces to before.

   For weeks I have been saying that this eclipse is the end for the globe.Now, the eclipse is gone, and the information is coming.A lot of information.Will see if I was delusional in thinking that this eclipse will start a change in most people, a change that will lead to Flat Earth reaching the needed critical mass to end the globe lie.


Flat Earth Education.



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