Flat Earth – ISS “live” feed broke when eclipse started over the U.S.

…and it is still broke.

   The ISS is in a swimming pool, projecting a CGI globe Earth on a green screen.It is EASY to fake the globe Earth on a screen…it is close to impossible to fake the eclipse from space.

   Here is the problem with faking the eclipse from ISS : the technology we have today is a double-edged sword. They cannot fake the eclipse by presenting a blurred film.They have to present a crystal clear film.

   And that is a massive problem, because once you do that, you have to do it perfectly.Everyone knows the EXACT moment when the eclipse started, and know the exact distance and azimuth and longitude and latitude of the ISS. The angle of the eclipse, filmed from ISS, MUST correlate, perfectly, all the data.

   If just a half degree of the eclipse is off on a ISS stream, it’s game over for them.To compute perfectly the eclipse filmed from ISS is close to impossible.

   So, they choose to just NOT show any feed from the ISS.

   They knew this day will come.And they also knew that they CANNOT fake the eclipse from ISS…because ISS is in a fucking swimming pool.

   They hope that people won’t ask “Why the fuck your stream is down, during the MOST viewed event in human history?”. Their hopes are over. Everyone is asking “Where is the live stream? Where is the eclipse?”

   When I said that this eclipse is game over for the globe Earth, I knew that ISS cannot live stream shit from space, because there is no space.

    The ISS live stream will go back up… AFTER the eclipse is done.And if you think that there will be videos from the ISS of the eclipse…you are delusional.There won’t be any, because they also cannot be faked perfectly.They will be dismantled by flat earthers.

   NASA knew for years that this eclipse will come…but they didn’t knew the flat earthers will also come.They did NOT prepared a faked live stream…because they had no reasons.

   ISS is dead. NASA is dead. The globe Earth is dead. What comes next? The burials.


Flat Earth Education.


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