Flat Earth – Heliocentric Model and the Globe Earth “perfection”

   I am thinking to start with the so-called “Goldilock Zone”.According to science, Earth is a planet, orbiting around a star, and it is located in the Goldilock Zone, and area that id not too close and not too far from the star a planet is orbiting.Now, this Goldilock Zone is fairly big, and basically is about the probability of a planet to have water.

   Water alone is not enough to sustain life, especially intelligent life.Earth is actually perfectly located in the middle of the Goldilock Zone, being able to have water, have an atmosphere, sustain life AND intelligent life.

   The second thing to consider is the Sun and the Moon.Our Sun is 400 times bigger than our Moon and located 400 times further from Earth than the Moon is.Talk about “perfection”? Well, there you have it.How “lucky” we are to have a Sun 400 times bigger and 400 times further than our Moon…right?

   What else? Oh, our atmosphere.It is just great.”Scientists” tell us that other planets in out solar system have atmospheres, but are pretty much deadly, containing toxic elements.We are quite “lucky”…right?

   So, we are so “lucky” to live on a planet, located perfectly in our Sun Goldilock Zone, to have water, to have a perfect atmosphere, to have a Moon 400 times smaller and 400 times closer than our Sun, to have life and intelligent life…and yet, we are being taught that ALL of the above are just…RANDOM.They are just coincidences.

   Ask a mathematician to calculate the probability of all of the above to exists, and you will get a probability so insignificant, that even if you add in the 13.8 billion of years (according to science) old Universe, that is impossible to actually happen.yet, it did happen.

   Everything about our world is perfect.It is so perfect, that it is a mathematical impossibility to exist, in a random, 13.8 billion years old Universe.However, there is NO WAY that our world might be created, right? I mean, because of a number of coincidences (just one of them is almost impossible to happen, all of them to happen is plain impossible), we are living on a perfect place.

   Here is the main issue when science meets perfection and coincidences : there are no coincidences.There is no perfection.If something is perfect, there MUST be scientifically explicable causes that generated that perfection.If something is generated by a bunch of coincidences, those coincidences MUST be scientifically explained.

   However, science will never explain WHY and HOW, we live on a perfectly suitable place for intelligent life.They will tell you that “IT JUST HAPPENED”, and it was “BLIND LUCK”, or “PERFECT COINCIDENCES”.

   I am going to call their explanations nothing more than BULLSHIT.

   If you put in balance, on one taller, a random Universe, a planet in the perfect location in the Goldilock Zone, a planet with water, breathable atmosphere, life AND intelligent life, and all of that was generated by NOTHING exploding into EVERYTHING, and it is just BLIND LUCK that we live on this perfect planet, and on the other taller, a Creator…I am sorry, but SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING, I will always go with a Creator.

   I do not believe in coincidences generating intelligent life.I just can’t.But I can believe in INTELLIGENT DESIGN and a CREATOR.It is just much, much closer to reality, than a bunch of coincidences happening in a random, 13.8 billion years old Universe, born after nothing exploded.


Flat Earth Education.


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