Flat Earth is almost like the Spanish Flu

   Almost, because it is not deadly and it doesn’t spread as fast as the Spanish Flu did.But Flat Earth is like a virus.You come in contact with, you will get it.However, we all have been “vaccinated” against critical thinking, and first reaction to Flat Earth subject, due to the cognitive dissonance “vaccine”, is to reject it.

   Some people exposed to Flat Earth “virus”, for which the cognitive dissonance “vaccine” was not perfect, in a matter of days become Flat Earth “virus” carriers.For others (like me), it takes longer until the Flat Earth “virus” takes over, usually weeks or even months.But in the end, we also become Flat Earth “virus” carriers.

   The Spanish Flu was stopped, after tens of millions died.The sick wanted to be cured and the cure for that particular strain was found.With the Flat Earth “virus”, the “sick” don’t want to be cured.There is no “cure”, even if attempts were made : CGI did not work, fake curvature videos did not work, a “quarantine” is impossible.The only thing that works against Flat Earth “virus”, but only to some extent, is the cognitive dissonance “vaccine”.

   The best way to protect against Flat Earth “virus” is to avoid any contact with the carriers.It worked back in 2014-2015, but come 2016, the exposure to the Flat Earth “virus” became an impossibility.Someone who understands the Flat Earth “virus”, understands that now, it cannot be stopped.Far too many people were exposed, and far to many people become “carriers”, and the number of those “carriers” who spread the Flat Earth “virus” indiscriminately grew.A lot.

   Back in 2014, there were two of those “carriers” that spread the virus, Eric Dubay and Matt Powerland.Today, we do not know the exact number, but it is way over 100.The number of  regular “carriers”, who do not actively spread the virus reached hundreds of millions today.Those who want to stop the Flat Earth “virus” are doomed to fail.In 4 years, everything they tried, did not worked.Except one single thing.

   That one single thing is main stream media exposure.To date, most main stream media outlets managed to avoid being exposed to the Flat Earth “virus”.But their resistance is weakening…very soon, the main stream media will fall to the “virus”.And when (not if) this will happen, the exposure to the Flat Earth “virus” will be total.Everyone will be exposed, whether they want it, or not.

   The reactions to the Flat Earth “virus” exposure today, is exactly like the reactions from 4 years ago : “a bunch of trolls”, “we all know it is a globe”, “this is a joke”, “flat earthers are crazy”, “it’s a psyop!”, “just some fringe conspiracy theorists”. In one word : NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

   The results to the exposure today are similar to the ones 4 years ago : the number of people affected by the Flat Earth “virus” grows exponentially with the exposure.The more people are exposed, the more people become “carriers”.

   There is no cure.Avoiding the exposure is an impossible task.It is game over for the globe, and the globe supporters can’t even see it.Once the main stream media will get the “virus”, the globe supporters will receive the “killing blow”. At that point, they will understand that Flat Earth was not a joke, or a bunch of trolls, or a psyop.

   But it will be too late.


Flat Earth Education.



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