Religious Flat Earthers – an issue?

Since Flat Earth really “took off” back in 2015, it became clear that flat earthers split into 2 big categories : religious flat earthers and non-religious flat earthers.

   The difference between the two groups is simple : the religious flat earthers use the Bible as being proof of the Flat Earth, while the non-religious flat earthers do not use the Bible as proof of flat earth.

   I, personally, belong to the non-religious group, which is the biggest, probably over 90%, and because this group is the biggest, our community grows.I do not want to exclude religious flat earthers from our community, however, I think that they slow down the growth in numbers of our community.

   Basically, the religious flat earthers use the Bible as proof for flat earth, and when they enter a debate with a non-flat earther, their book, the Bible, is countered by hundreds of other books, physics, math, chemistry, astronomy, and because of that, they always, always lose a debate.And that non-flat earther, who first comes in touch with the Flat Earth subject, and that first contact is with Flat Earth Society, or a religious flat earther, most likely will be turn away from researching Flat Earth.

   Most flat earthers understand that Flat Earth is NOT a religious debate.A religious debate is absolutely useless.A religious debate is not based on facts, but based on stories, wrote by some people.The Bible is nothing but a collection of writings, from different people, living in different times.A religious person, flat earther, or not, will say that the Bible is the word of God, and it will end the debate, believing he is absolutely right, on the other side, who does not use the word of God, is absolutely wrong.

   I have no problem with religious debates, I actually like them, but I only see them as entertainment, an exercise for the mind.I believe in a higher power, call it God, if you like, but this is the extent of my beliefs.To believe that a book is the word of God, is asking too much from me.I need a proof that the Bible is the word of God, the same way I need a proof that we live on a spinning globe in space.Neither is supported by proofs.

   Since we cannot stop people think, talk and write, we cannot stop people believing.If they choose to believe in the Bible, or in NASA, it’s their problem.As long as they understand that it is a BELIEF, and do not use their BELIEF as proofs.

   Now, as a non-religious flat earther, I understand that first goal is to make people research, NOT believe.But the religious flat earthers, being religious, they want people to BELIEVE that our world is flat.And this is a big problem.The same way you cannot stop people believe, you also cannot force them to believe.On the other side, a religious flat earther will have better chances of turning a religious person from the globe to flat earth.

   I do not assume that religious flat earthers did not researched flat earth subject.What I am saying is that religious flat earthers, instead of using the scientific proofs for a flat world, when promoting Flat Earth, they use almost exclusively the Bible as proof.

   Rob Skiba is one of the most prominent flat earthers, and he is also a Christian and a Bible expert.However, when Skiba talks about Flat Earth, he talks science.When he talks Flat Earth from a biblical point of view, he talks religion.But he can afford to do that, because he knows BOTH science and religion.He realized that the Bible alone CANNOT, EVER, support a Flat Earth (quite the opposite),hence, most of his flat earth videos are scientific flat earth videos.Maybe the religious flat earthers should do the same.

   Religious flat earthers should understand that we live in 2017, and most people alive grew in a world where believing in God is stupid, while rejecting God is cool.Most people alive will REJECT the Bible as proof for anything, God and Flat Earth included.And most people alive, the moment their first contact with Flat Earth is a religious flat earther who comes up with Bible verses to support his flat earth arguments, they will REJECT the idea of a flat world.

   Do we had Bibles back in 2010? How about back in 2000? Or back in 1990? Yes, we had Bibles than, and we have Bibles now.The exact same Bibles.Now, where was the Flat Earth subject back in 2010? Or 2000, or 1990? It did not existed.So, I don’t know what exactly makes religious flat earthers think that the Bible is proof for a flat world, because 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 50 years ago…there was no Flat Earth.If the Bible would be proof for a flat earth, we all would be flat earthers today.

   I could go as far as saying that Flat Earth proves the Bible right, and not that the Bible proves the Flat Earth right, because we had Bibles since like forever, and while there were always flat earthers, their numbers were minimal.Minuscule actually.Flat Earth today is MASSIVE, and it is massive because, firstly, Flat Earth is NOT a religious issue, and secondly, most flat earthers are not religious.

   We cannot stop anyone acting the way it wants, but we can surely try to make people understand what is the best way to act when presented with an issue.For example, if you mom is telling you to shut up, you can continue talking, but the best way is to shut up.If a cop is telling you to do something, you can choose not to, because you can, but the best way is to do what the cop tells you to do.

   The same applies to Flat Earth.You can CHOOSE to stick to your Bible verses, if you want, but if you really want our movement to grow, and ultimately to accept God, you better stop quoting the Bible, and start using scientific facts that support Flat Earth.

   Try to understand that the Flat Earth, in the last 3 years, turned to God more people than the Bible did.A LOT MORE.Without Flat Earth, atheists would keep growing, regardless of how many Bible quotes you use.Where was the Bible, on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, like 3 years ago? It was in a small, dark corner, and quasi-ignored.

   Flat Earth, the scientific Flat Earth, in the last 3 years, not only did the work that Christian HAD TO DO, but did a far better job than the entire Christian Church did in the last 50 years.And it was able to do that simply by using science, critical thinking and common sense.

   NOT Bible verses…


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2 thoughts on “Religious Flat Earthers – an issue?

  1. I’m a religious Flat Earther and I post scientific proofs and Biblical proofs daily. Both are important, as no one can disprove the Bible as a historical & geographical record. But also, no one has to be a Christian to see earth is flat!

    Thanks for posting! Good stuff.



  2. I believe in God, but I am certain the Earth is flat due to science and logic and personal experience.
    The realization that Earth is flat simply reinforces my religious belief and I look at scripture from a different perspective.


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