Flat Earth – If you believe that the Earth is a spinning globe…

…you also MUST believe that the entire Universe, before the Big Bang, was contained in a billionth of a proton space, that exploded and created everything instantly, and 13.8 billion years later, the Universe keeps expanding, you also MUST believe in gravity, and if you believe that gravity exists, you also MUST believe in repulsive gravity (if you just heard about this repulsive gravity, yeah, according to science, it’s a real thing).

   …you also MUST believe in black holes, dark matter, tachyons, gravitational lensing (again, if you just heard about this, yeah, the science say it’s a real thing), supernovas, star collisions, zero is infinite, and infinite is zero, quarks, you also MUST believe that everything is still, but in the same time moves at incredible speeds, you MUST also believe in false vacuum, flat Universe and spatial inflation.

   …and you also MUST believe that the Universe will expand forever, but will eventually stops, but only when time reaches infinity.Now, if you think what I said makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, you are right.It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, but according to science…what I said is, again, true.

   So, since you MUST believe in everything I said if you believe in the spinning globe Earth (there is a lot more crap, but I will stick to some), can I ask you a question, dead globe believer :

   DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING PROOF OF ANYTHING I JUST SAID ?  Do you have any proof of gravity, gravity lensing, repulsive gravity, tachyons, dark matter, Big Bang, supernovas, star collisions? Oh, you DON’T HAVE ANY PROOF?

   Well, than guess what : you ALSO don’t have any proof of the fucking spinning globe !


Flat Earth Education.




2 thoughts on “Flat Earth – If you believe that the Earth is a spinning globe…

    1. It was answered already, plenty of times.You do realize that when looking South you see the opposite movement that when looking North right? For example, you sit on a sidewalk of a one way street, and you see the cars moving from left to right.Than, you cross the street, on the opposite sidewalk, and looking at the cars, they move right to left.The apparent movement depends on the positioning.The only reason I choose not to talk about stars, even tho I know plenty, it is because I really don’t give a fuck looking up…I look down, where I live.And where I live, every experiment proves that water cannot bend.Hence, the stars can move in whatever directions they want…our world is still flat.If you think that star movement prove anything, you really need to widen your astronomy knowledge.And math.And physics.Maybe than you will understand that the movement of the stars can be explained on both models.However, water can only be explained in one.


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