Flat Earth and North Korea

The next article is nothing but my own personal opinion, and if you hate world politics, maybe it is not a good idea to read this article.I will also use the F word, a lot, so, if you don’t like it, please don’t read it.

   If there was a solid proof that we live on a spinning globe, we would have seen it.Flat Earth would have never existed.

   Anyone able to see the big picture, understands that Flat Earth is NOT about the shape of our world.Flat Earth is about ending the rotten system that presently is in place and have transformed the world into this abomination where war, hunger and crime are not only rampart, but openly supported by all governments.It’s a play, with real victims.

   Flat Earth grew to the point where it become a danger to this system.It cannot be allowed to reach the critical mass.Hence, Flat Earth MUST be stopped.

   I do not believe in coincidences.Suddenly, North Korea, from a country unable to launch a fucking ICMB, became a country able to hit ANY major city in the U.S.Are you fucking kidding me? Just two weeks ago, North Korea was UNABLE to launch an ICBM and also unable to fit a nuke on the tip of a missile.Today, they not only can do BOTH, but also have the means to hit anywhere in the continental U.S.

   As a flat earther, I have doubts that nukes exists, because the tech required to build a nuke still is beyond human capabilities.However, it really doesn’t matter if nukes exists, or not.There are thousands of bombs as powerful as a nuke is.

   Also, it doesn’t matter if North Korea have or not, ICBM capabilities and the ability to fit a nuke on top of an ICBM.It also doesn’t matter if they have 10 nukes or 100 nukes.What matter is that, all of a sudden, they CAN do things that they were unable to do two weeks ago.The North Korean crisis is not new.Every year, we have Kim doing something, but more often that his father and grandfather did.

   Now, what the hell Flat Earth have to do with North Korea? As I said, it is my personal opinion, and I believe (have no proof, so I use the world believe instead know) that this, apparently, inevitable and imminent war, while was not planned to stop Flat Earth, Flat Earth might have actually rushed it.

   The North Korean crisis is way to complicated to be discussed here, but anyone who knows how the things really are, knows that North Korea does NOTHING without Beijing and Moscow approval.Kim doesn’t even fart without Beijing and Moscow agreeing.There is been a long time since I drifted from being a staunch pro-American, to being somehow neutral, but I can still see that Russia and China, the beta dogs wants the alpha dog, the U.S., to at least fuck off Pacific region, if not simply fuck off for good, from anywhere.

   After WW2, the U.S. made fuckloads of money rebuilding Germany and Western Europe.War is about money, power and control.A world war that will lead to destruction of the Koreas and Japan alone, means tens of trillions in rebuilding contracts, far more than WW2 Marshall Plan.Add some destruction in China, U.S., Europe and Russia, and you have hundreds of trillions worth of rebuilding contracts.And we all know WHO will have all those contracts.

   Now, if we go to the extreme, and get into the depopulation plans, we will have a fucking WW3 starting in days, that will erase 80-90% of current world population.One thing is clear : they, the rulers of this world, want war, and they want it NOW.Since Flat Earth would ultimately lead to a mentality shift, and most likely will conflict with the system, the rulers do not want to risk such a conflict, because they don’t know how will it end.

   Did Flat Earth forced the rulers to hasten this war? It is possible.Did Flat Earth have nothing to do with this war? Most likely.However, whether Flat Earth is or isn’t related to this war, if this war starts, Flat Earth is pretty much over.Nobody will give a fuck about Flat Earth once the missiles starts flying, nukes or not.When the war starts, and the chances are about 99% that it will start, everything stops.

   I still have hope, albeit minimal, that this war won’t start.But I have over 15 years of experience in worldwide politics, in economy, history, false flags, conspiracy theories.I have rarely been wrong about big events, and very often wrong about small events.I know I lack the access to information, but I can still see that a third world war was planned for a very long time.

   I am not that crazy to assume that Flat Earth is the reason for this war, but I also have to look at all angles and all possibilities, regardless how crazy they look.Flat Earth was crazy enough to even look on it, but I still did.

   Anyway, a war, even a regional war that will affect only Japan and both North and South Kores, is the best way of making money and the best way of making everyone focus on the war, and the economic collapse that will instantly take place when the first missile hits the first target, and forget about anything else, be it 9/11, Chemtrails, or Flat Earth.

   To be entirely honest, I am amazed that this war did not start 5 years ago.But, when you look at the big picture, you understand that timing have to be perfect.A perfect crisis cannot be just started whenever someone expect it, but when the ones who will started choose their timing.

   I am almost sure that the time is now, but I might be wrong.If this war does not start in the next week, it will be postponed for a year or two.As I said, I have hopes, but minimal hopes, that this war won’t start in the next days.I wish, from all my heart, to be wrong, because for me, Flat Earth is the only hope humanity have left to shackle the chains, and if this war starts, Flat Earth will at least stop, if not die, the moment this war starts.

   Be safe, and pray that I am wrong.


Flat Earth Education.


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