Flat Earth – The globe believers STILL don’t get it

Over 3 and a half years passed since Flat Earth resurfaced, and the globe believers still don’t get it.Get what exactly? Get what Flat Earth is and where is going.

   In late 2014, as today, in August 2017, the vast majority of globe supporters still consider Flat Earth a joke started by some trolls and supported by a minuscule community of crazy religious nuts, trolls, uneducated and certified crazy people.

   The fact that they, the globe believers still react as they did back in 2014, is the questions they ask, proving that those who ask the questions did not even looked for a second into Flat Earth.They come up with questions answered years ago, like sunset and sunrise, the boat over the curvature, NASA Earth pics from space, Moon landings, or just state that there is impossible that everyone could have been conned to believe a lie, or it is a psyop to content the “truth” movement.

   I want to bring to your attention one of the top 10 conspiracy forums, worldwide.I will not name it, for obvious reasons.I am a member of that forum for over 6 years.This forum, today, have almost 180,000 registered members and close to 3 million visitors on a daily basis, which is almost the same numbers as they were 6 months ago.

   Now, about 8-9 months ago, on this forum, Flat Earth topics started to appear with an increased frequency, and were quickly deleted.Rarely a FE topic survived over 5-10 minutes before being deleted.The mods and the vast majority (or it appeared to be the vast majority) of the members considered Flat Earth as a psyop directed at containing the truth movement, and their reaction was to simply delete every FE topic (unless it was a mockery) as fast as possible, and if someone would keep talking about FE it would be banned from viewing the forum for weeks.

   However, this had the reversed effect.Seeing that the number of flat earthers continued to start threads about Flat Earth, the owner of the forum decided, about 6 months ago, to create a poll to prove that flat earthers are insignificant in numbers, compared to their member ranks.This first poll ran for under 2 hours, before the owner deleted it.The reason was simple : the poll showed that almost 24% of the voters (thousands voted in those 2 hours) were flat earthers.From that day on, the flat earth ban were no longer weeks, but months.

   Most comments on that polls coming from globe believers were in the lines of “Are you fucking kidding me?That many flattards?”, showing that, at that point, 6 months ago, the globe believers HAD NO IDEA that there can be so many flat earthers.It was beyond their understanding capabilities.

   Yesterday, a member of this forum, after a short discussion about Flat Earth (short, because this topic is tabu on that forum) decided to see how many ” flat earth trolls” are on the forum, basically thinking EXACTLY as the forum owner did 6 months ago, that there is no way that there can be many trolls, and the poll will prove that with crushing numbers on the globe side.

   That guy probably did not knew about the poll 6 months earlier.

   Anyway, this poll lasted for LESS than 1 hour, before being deleted.Only hundreds managed to vote, and while the first poll, 6 months earlier had 2 options , “flat” or “globe”, this last poll had a third option : “unsure/undecided”.

   Before the poll was deleted, the poll result was devastating…for the globe.47% voted “globe”, 42% voted “flat”, 11% voted “unsure/undecided”.If you split those 11% of undecided votes equally, you get 52.5% “globe” and 47.5% “flat”.

   The comments on this last poll? EXACTLY the same as 6 months earlier : “Are you fucking kidding me?That many flattards?”.

   We are talking about a conspiracy site, where you’d expect most members and visitors to AT LEAST spend 5 minutes on a topic before commenting about it.Nope…not the case.Now, outside conspiracy forums, globe believers REALLY have no idea that Flat Earth is massive.Except a very small numbers of glove believers, who can SEE the big picture, and can SEE what Flat Earth is and where is going, the vast majority don’t have a clue.

   If you think that a conspiracy forum Flat Earth poll is irrelevant, you are partially right.First, there is no way that the flat earthers make up 42% to 47% of the number of people worldwide.Secondly, the conspiracy theory forums, combined, while having a big number of members, still represent a small percentage of the population worldwide.

   However, the numbers of visitors that are not members of conspiracy forums is 7 to 10 times larger than the number of member.I do not have a clear number of how many people visit the top 10 conspiracy sites, but combined, at least 50 million people visit them on a daily basis, and there are at least 300-400 million unique visitors that access and view those sites on a weekly basis.

   Not only this site I am member of talk about Flat Earth and had polls about Flat Earth.All of them do, and all the polls have basically the same results : 30% to 40% of conspiracy theorists (9/11 truthers, Sandy Hook, Chemtrails, HAARP, Iraq War, etc.) support a Flat Earth theory.

   On yesterday’s poll I did not expect a rise from 24% to 42%…it took even me by surprise.I was expecting a rise from 24% to maybe, MAYBE 32%, as the most optimistic figure, and 28% as the more realistic figure.This latest poll results, on a conspiracy forum adamant against Flat Earth, prompted me to revisit the number of flat earthers that I put it to 300 million, a month ago.Only the conspiracy theorists that support Flat Earth must be around 140 million.

   Anyway, what is the relevance of this poll and the fact that globe supporters still don’t get it? The relevance is that members of a top 10 conspiracy forums worldwide HAD NO IDEA that there were so many flat earthers, after over 3 and a half years of Flat Earth present on a daily basis EVERYWHERE : FB, Twitter, Conspiracy Forums, Media, Youtube.

   Except maybe a few dozens of globe supporters, the billions that still believe we live on a spinning globe, are as clueless as everyone was when Hitler invaded Poland.They had NO IDEA that this will lead to the most ferocious war the world have seen.The globe believers today CHOOSE, deliberately, NOT TO look into Flat Earth, because they see it as being stupid, unworthy, trolling or being a joke.The people back in 1938 did NOT have the information to dissect and see what the invasion of Poland led to.

   The Flat Earth is comparable to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.It is here, but almost nobody can see where is going.Very soon, Flat Earth will “hit”, and almost everyone will be “What the fuck just happened?”.Most people in 1938 woke up one day and realized that a world war had started, and all they could do was to fight or run, but all accepted the reality.It was too late to changed it.

   With Flat Earth, it will be exactly the same : most people will accept the reality, regardless if some of them will fight against Flat Earth, or just ignore it.The only similarities between invasion of Poland and Flat Earth are only at mentality level, and nothing else.Most people cannot see where Flat Earth is going, the same way they did not see where the invasion of Poland was going.

   But some do see where Flat Earth is going.Not many.Most people, flat earthers AND globe earthers cannot see it.When Flat Earth will “hit”, everyone will know it, and almost everyone will be shocked.Why shocked?Simply because almost everyone is ignoring the topic.Ignorance is bliss, as long as what you ignore will never affect you.

   Flat Earth will affect everyone.No exceptions.


Flat Earth Education.




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