Flat Earth best proof ?

It is quite hard, if not impossible, to just come up with one proof, and use it to prove that our world is flat.One needs more than one proof to prove something that complex.If you can prove that a rock is solid simply by throwing it in the water, without the need to use other evidence of its solidity, with Flat Earth, there is no way to just use one, single evidence.

   What ultimately “transformed” me from being a sci-fi / space travel / time travel / globe Earth guy to being a flat earther was the “simple” scientific proof that water surface of large bodies of water is flat and level.Water is probably the best, and probably the single one Flat Earth proof that cannot be countered by science.The science only enforces this simple fact that large bodies of water will always have a flat and level surface.

   I can scientifically prove all day long that satellites cannot survive in space more than 10-12 hours, I can scientifically prove all day long that planes should fly westwards in half the time it takes to fly eastwards, I can scientifically prove all day long that there is no measurable curvature on Earth, or other three dozens things, not a single one of them is a proof of a flat world.Even combining all of them, still do not prove that we live on a flat motionless plane.However, all of the above prove the impossibility of a spinning globe in space.

   But water, as proof, is entirely different.Not only does prove that the spinning globe is impossible, but proves that we live on a flat plane.As you can see, for me, nothing else is a solid proof of a Flat Earth.Everything else point to the impossibility of a spinning globe, but they are definitely not proofs of a flat plane.

   I only want to talk about oceans, not lakes, not small ponds, not a bathtub.To date, we do not have a map of the world that is perfect.All of them have imperfections.However, one thing that all world maps have in common is that the land surface is smaller than the oceans surface.Basically, we have one single ocean, and a bunch of land masses, called continents.

   All the oceans on Earth are interconnected.The Pacific is connected with the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic.I can just use the term “the Ocean” for all those oceans combined, for simplicity.I do not know for sure how much of our world is the Ocean, but according to all the maps, it is more than all the continents combined.It might very well be 70%, which is what everyone agrees with.

   Now, we have two contradictions.The globe model implies that the Ocean is curved around the Earth, because of gravity.The flat model implies that the Ocean is flat and level.How can we scientifically prove which one is the correct one?

   A photo from space would be great for the globe, but sadly, we do not have any.Without a solid photographic evidence, the globe can only rely on a theory, called gravity.Gravity, if proven to be real, will absolutely prove that we live on a globe.The debate is over if gravity can be proven real.Any sane person, until gravity is proven, cannot accept the globe Earth.But that doesn’t mean it should accept the flat world.

   So, since we have no photo of a globe or a flat Earth, we have to use science to prove which is true : is the Ocean flat or it is part of a sphere?

   But before that, can we use the footage took by people all over the world, in hundreds of different places, at different times, distances, conditions, all shot over water, that show things that we should never be able to see on a globe? Well, yes.If there were just a couple of videos, I would dismiss them, simply because a couple of videos cannot be considered as proof.Now, what about the videos that show that water curves?Oh well, we only have a couple of them.I know of three only, two of them being debunked asap as being fake as shit, while the 3rd one, by Cody’s Lab, because was a legit video, can be used to prove either the curvature either the vanishing point and perception.

   Here is the thing with YouTube and other video sites : you cannot use the videos as proofs of anything, BUT you can always analyze them.If there were as many videos showing the curvature over water, as there are videos that show no curvature over water, there will be a scientific explanation why a those videos show no curvature.There have been over 3 years since Flat Earth resurfaced, and in over 3 years, we have hundreds of videos showing no curvature over water, and a handful of fake videos showing a curvature over water.But we are not talking only about last 3 years or so.The Earth is a globe since…always, right? Where are the MILLIONS of photos and videos that show the CURVATURE over water? Seriously, we have only a handful of them?

   For most people, this should be enough to prove that water surface is flat.And it is flat everywhere.But from a scientific point of view, it is not enough.

   It all comes down to experimentation.On one hand, there should be an experiment proving that water surface is curved by gravity, on the other hand, there should be at least one experiment proving the water surface is flat.

   We have millions of boats.We have lasers.We have water.There should be experiments with lasers, over water surfaces, that prove either the water surface curves, or not.Well, there are some experiments, and all of them prove a flat water surface.But still, there are only a handful of experiments, and even if all prove the flatness of water surface, those experiments are not over the surface of the Ocean.

   Why haven’t we done a laser experiment over oceans? Flat Earthers do not have the money power to do such an experiment.It is quite costly.We talk about renting a ship big enough to be stable and a laser powerful enough to hit 30-40 miles away.However, A LOT of organizations have the money and have the possibility.Why haven’t they done such an experiment?

   There is another experiment that can be done, and much cheaper, but still out of reach of flat earthers, except a crowd fund.This experiment will be to build a very long glass container, something like half a mile long, fill it with sea water, and see if there is a curvature over the surface of that sea water.The container only needs to be like 1 foot wide and 1 foot tall, even less.

   To date, all experiments done, proved that water surface, when in a container, and at rest, it always flat and level.The laser experiments proved the exact same thing.Hundreds of videos visually proved the exact same thing.Where are the experiments that prove that water surface, when contained and at rest, is convex?There are none.Where are the laser experiments? There are none.Where is the footage? There are a handful, and almost all of them are faked.

   But gravity…No shit, gravity? This is ALL you can trow at us? It might be enough for dummies, but it is not enough for flat earthers.If you say that gravity bends the Ocean surface, without proving it, you are talking out of your ass.And even if by a miracle I would accept this theory, just for the sake of debating a theory, I would ask a globetard this : “If gravity can hold the oceans stuck to a ball spinning 1,000 miles per hour, why the fuck we have waves over oceans?”

   No, really, there should be NO WAVES over the oceans, or very small waves, like half a foot tall, during hurricanes.If gravity is real, and if gravity can HOLD the oceans to a ball spinning 1,000 miles per hour, how the fuck a 20 mph wind can create 3-4 feet tall waves?

   I have already shown that gravity does not exists, using air pressure data.Ocean waves also show that gravity does not exists.When are you globetards going to wake the fuck up and smell the roses?

   It is 2017, for fuck sake.We should have tech that manipulate gravity, we should have anti-gravity tech, we should even have warp engines, or at least engines and rockets able to go tremendous speeds.Newton “discovered” gravity in 1687 ! The electricity was “discovered” in 1759, for fuck sake.We can manipulate and create electricity today to the point where a 10-year-old can fucking do it.

   Where is the bloody gravity tech? 

   But, I am a nice guy (well, I am not) and I won’t ask you globers for gravitational tech, because it is impossible, and asking the impossible it’s kinda rude.No, I am not going to ask you that, I am only going to ask you one simple thing only : prove me, prove us, prove everyone, using simple laser experiments, or just a long glass container, that oceans water surface is convex.

   Please do this, and flat earthers will no longer exists.If you cannot do this, everyone will be a flat earther, because, you see, science MUST be proven, and not told.I don’t give a flying fuck on Einstein, Newton, Cavendish and other “scientists” and their theories wrote on paper, as long as all the experiments to date, and all the video evidence PROVE that water surface, when contained and at rest is fucking flat and level.

   Newton’s Laws of Motions, Newton’s Theory of Gravity, Einstein’s Theories of Relativity don’t worth the paper they are wrote on, as long as the water is scientifically proven to be flat and level, hence, proving, without a doubt, that our world, 70% being water, is flat.

   There is no debate whether our world is flat or a spinning globe.That debate is over. What is going on today between flat earthers and globetards is nothing but flat earthers trying to open globetards eyes and minds, not by using propaganda, lies and religious bullshit, but by using scientific proofs.


Flat Earth Education.



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