“Smart” by association, slavery and Flat Earth

   The existential reason of the educational system for the last 50-60 years was to create “smart” idiots.The rulers of this world need slaves.For the most part of our human history, we have been slaves.And for the most part, slavery was imposed using physical force.There was no need for anything else, except physical force, to transform a human into a slave.

   But, as we “evolved”, it was quite clear that physical force was not only no longer enough, but backfired.The number of slaves grew beyond control (because the greed of the masters also grew) and the quelling the slave uprisings become quite a feat, not to mention that many slaves chose to rather die than keep living in chains.The master did not like when their “goods” either fight back or choose to die.It wasn’t good for the business.

   New forms of control were needed, and those form of control had to be “carrot and stick”, because “stick” only failed.They did it for a short while with some small “economic” incentives (very low wages) paired with religion brainwashing.I say for a short while, because this methods also failed, quite rapidly.

   The masters realized that as long as a human lives free, after he becomes a slave, he will always remember that freedom.Something had to be done in order to make humans forget what freedom is.But the masters understood that every human is born free, and there is no way to make humans forget freedom, simply because it is something everyone is born with.

   The masters chose the best option available.They chose not to make human forget freedom, but instead, make humans misunderstood what freedom is.This option was much easier, and the results were exceptionally good.For them masters, of course.

   The educational system was changed, from a system that educates, into a system that indoctrinates.The technological progress forced a new type of slave : one that is smart enough to operate the machinery, but also dumb enough not to ask questions (George Carlin).

   However, while this option was great for the masters, since the Flat Earth awakening in 2014, it started to fail.Not all people are the same, and while we ALL have been indoctrinated using the same methods (an educational system paired with a savage economy and a Nazi police surveillance-type state, present everywhere), not all of us were affected the same.

   One of the main reasons why a globetard is unable to look beyond its indoctrination, is the fear of being considered stupid by its peers.Flat Earth proves stupidity, Globe Earth was proven by smart people.Hence, being a globetard is akin of being smart.This is what globetards strongly believe.They think they’re being smart by being a globe defender.

   Even if the globetards are the ones who have the highest rate of indoctrination, they will also be flat earthers.It will take a longer time, but they will be flat earthers.And this is a major problem for our masters.All methods employed to create and control slavery failed.This last one started to fail, and it is showing a rapid deterioration.Some of the slaves started to wake up, and this is not good for the masters.

   Everything that exists today is used to enforce slavery and keep us slaves.The Internet and the media are the best among the tools used to keep us good slaves, and while the media is still fully controlled by the masters, the Internet is not.The masters see the Internet as a very good tool, but it is not vital.With flat earthers continuously rising in numbers, the danger of reaching a critical mass is real.Both the flat earthers and the masters know well that Flat Earth is not about answering the question “What shape is our world?”.Flat Earth is about ending this rotten system that enslaves every one of us.

   The masters have a good number of options, ranging from quelling the rise in numbers of flat earthers, to implement a full control over the Internet and ultimately, if nothing works…a number of very scary options that will ensure the current system will survive.The “best” option they have is to decrease the number of slaves, and since we are all slaves, to decrease the number of humans to a number easy to control by force.While this is their “best” option, it is also the most difficult to implement and it have a very good chance that it won’t work.

   It will be their last option, because their greed requires even more slaves than we are today.But if nothing works to stop the awakening, they will absolutely play the WW3 card.We are not there yet, and we might never be there.Since our masters always play long-term (they plan for at least 100 years in advance), a better option for the slaves, instead killing most of us in a world war, will be to wait for couple generations, loosen the chains a little bit, see what will happen, and implement another option, one that does not exists today, but it might exist in the future.Think sci-fi for a second, and a mind control machine is not far-fetched.

   The masters have the means and the power to create new forms of control, based on thechnology.The implanted chips are real.It only takes time to “improve” them, and have chips implanted inside our brains.Virtual reality helmets are real, and it only takes time to “improve” them, and have VR helmets perfect brainwashing machines.

   If you look at the big pictures, the future looks Orwellian, AT BEST.We can be sure of one thing : the masters will never accept their slaves to be free.Another thing that we can be sure of it : the flat earthers won’t stop until we will be free.Today, the bets are heavily in the favor of the masters.The flat earthers, today, have 1/1,000,000 chance to win the future clash.

   There is a big question, with an unknown answer : will the flat earthers reach the critical mass before the masters are able to implement their options?

   I can only hope that we will be able to reach the critical mass in time, and since, personally, see this hope as being the last hope that humanity have, I will do as much as I can, for as long as I can, to support everything and everyone who is part of this seemingly losing battle against the masters and their system.


Flat Earth Education.


4 thoughts on ““Smart” by association, slavery and Flat Earth

  1. The Fiat money system is an occult slavery system as well. Very few people question it and no valid alternatives at the moment.
    Still unclear the ultimate goal…
    Flat earth reminds me of Oblivion with Tom Cruise where territory was fragmented on purpose for hiding the truth : he was a slave clone!
    Good article!


    1. Thank you Arnaldo.I did not wanted to write more about slavery.Just talking about the fiat money today, needs like 20 articles.You are right.One of the ways of to control slavery, after the brute physical force was no longer an option, was the implementation of banks and money.Funny thing is that the moment money were invented, the banks also appeared.There are valid alternatives to the fiat money system, but those alternatives cannot work as long as money and banks exist in the form we know today.As for the ultimate goal…I don’t think there is one.They, the ones who rule us, have a series of goals on their plans, none of the goal being the ultimate goal, because even with their knowledge, they cannot see in the future.Other goals, that today aren’t even known, might appear in 20 years, or 50 years or 100 years.If their is an ultimate goal, it is probably to have a system in place able to “fit” any future events.As in having a system that will work even if something unexpected happens.Cheers.


    1. War is just politics, using guns and soldiers.And since politics is a form of mind control, war is also a form of mind control.But to say that war doesn’t exists…your country probably never been in one.War exists and it is real.Too real.


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