Do you think this August eclipse coming at the peak of Flat Earth is just a coincidence?

It might very well be a coincidence…but as a flat earther, I don’t buy into coincidences.I don’t buy that the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, while being 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun is.I don’t buy that the Moon is locked with the Earth, and it will always show the same face, even if the Moon is spinning around its axis.

   I also don’t believe it is just a coincidence that this upcoming solar eclipse, just 18 days away, it just happen to be at the peak of Flat Earth.I have to choose between Flat Earth being some shady organization psyop, or it is intelligent design.

   Flat Earth is today at the same point as it was 2 years ago, with the only difference that the number of flat earthers grew beyond everyone’s expectations.From millions 2 years ago, to hundreds of millions today.But other that this, we are still arguing with the globe supporters about the same stuff : water bending, gravity, curvature, Polaris…

   When I say that Flat Earth is at a peak, I don’t mean that flat earthers reached the peak in numbers.No, the peak will be when everyone will be a flat earther.By peak, I mean the lack of novelty.Outside minor mentions in the media and Kyrie Erving, nothing new happened in the Flat Earth.The Flat Earth community is damn strong, and the fact that lasted and grew since 2014, with almost zero media coverage, is astonishing.

   Name one topic that lasted and grew as much as Flat Earth did, without media coverage?There is none.All the topics out there NEED 100% main stream media coverage to even be able to last ONE MONTH.For this reason alone, Flat Earth is not (yet) having serious media coverage.They (you know who) realized that if this Flat Earth “thing” managed not only to survive, but to grow, since late 2014, without main stream media coverage…the moment the main stream media will (and they will) start to cover Flat Earth, they have very little time left.

   But still, Flat Earth was in peril of crumbling under its own weight, without anything new happening.And this new it mean main stream media serious coverage.This coverage will come with this upcoming eclipse.This eclipse will be present across the United States.The country where main stream media is the most influential in the entire world.The country with a media that gives the tone to all others.”If it’s not on TV, doesn’t exists”.

   Imagine that Flat Earth would have been “revived” in 2010, not 2014.It would have “died” in less than one year, without social media and especially without Nikon P900.Imagine that Flat Earth would have been “revived” this year.It would have been too young, it would have a very limited number of supporters.It would not have been able to bring this eclipse to the attention of, probably billions of people.

   We, flat earthers, have today, everything in place to break to the masses.There are hundreds of youtubers promoting Flat Earth content, with a combined number of thousands of videos and with a combined hundreds of millions of views.On Facebook, the members of Flat Earth groups, combined, is in tens of millions.We have explained and improved our explanations over the last 2-3 years.

   Should I just consider that Flat Earth reached the second critical mass (it is present everywhere in the social media) JUST IN TIME for this eclipse? I am sorry, but I just can’t.

   I, personally, reject that the Flat Earth is a psyop.And even if I would accept it, I would have to say that it went terribly wrong.I can only think that this eclipse and Flat Earth just happening at a perfect timing, is closer to intelligent design than coincidence.It can be God’s intelligent design, or a group of very intelligent and influential people, depending on your views.I do not have any proof that it is an intelligent design.It is just an educated guess.

   If this eclipse will not bring serious main stream media coverage of the Flat Earth topic, I will be proven wrong, and this eclipse is just a coincidence.But if this eclipse will bring the Flat Earth to multiple, big, famous main stream media outlets, reaching billions of people, I will be proven right.

   Not much time left, until I will be proven right or wrong.


Flat Earth Education.


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