Jeran Campanella and Mike Helmick don’t get this eclipse

Apparently, both Jeran and Mike seem to think that the upcoming eclipse can work on the globe model.I really don’t think what their reasons are to give the globe supporters such a boost.Jeran, Mike, please stop.I consider both of you intelligent enough to be able to see that eclipses cannot work on the globe model.Maybe you are not that intelligent, or maybe you are.If you are…why do you guys support the globe model, by giving credit to this eclipse as being a phenomenon that works on a globe?

   We, flat earthers, see the big picture.You guys, until this eclipse topic, seems to also see the big picture.First thing you both guys need to understand is that we have no capabilities to build, or simulate on a computer, a solar eclipse.The ones who have the capabilities, won’t do it.

   A model, built to scale, with a Moon measuring just one inch in diameter, will need a light source 437.5 inch ( 36.45 feet) in diameter, representing the Sun, placed at a distance of almost 3,875 feet away from an Earth measuring 4 inch in diameter.

   A simulated computer model, with the same 1 inch in diameter Moon, will need a screen with a length of at least 3,875 feet.the biggest TV screen is like what, 10 feet? Well, you will need 380 of those to have that simulation made to scale.

   But, we don’t need a scaled model or a computer simulation on a 3,875 feet screen to understand why this upcoming eclipse is impossible on a globe.The only thing we need, is our mind’s eyes.Most scientific discoveries were made with pen and paper.The computer was invented in 1940’s.The TV was invented in 1920’s.EVERYTHING dicovered and invented before that was using the human mind, a pen and paper.

   Here is a simple, logical assumption, based on the globe model, with a twist.If a solar eclipse will last for 27.3 days, the same time needed for the Moon to travel around the globe Earth, how long will the shadow of the Moon be present on the globe Earth, and how much distance that shadow will complete in 27.3 days?

   The answer is simple : the shadow of the Moon will last for 27.3 days, and will complete a circle on Earth, with the same length as Earth’s circumference.

   Of course, this assumption is based on a Sun that travels with the Moon, around the Earth.But please be patient, we will get to the official globe model soon.If such an eclipse would take place, the shadow speed on Earth would be far slower than the Moon’s speed around the Earth.But, how much slower? Well, A LOT slower.The shadow of the Moon will travel 25,000 miles in 27.3 days, which gives us a speed of roughly 38 miles per hour.

   Now, do you think that this 38 miles per hour speed somehow DO NOT APPLY when using the official globe model, and the real duration of the upcoming eclipse? 

   I don’t know…let’s see.I will reduce the duration of 27.3 days of the theoretical eclipse 100 times.Now, we have an eclipse that will last 0.273 days.That is just over 6 hours.We are getting closer to a real eclipse.The Moon will travel around the Earth, completing a 3.6 degree arc on its orbit, and the shadow of the Moon will travel on the Earth, completing a 3.6 degree of an arc of Earth’s circumference?

   A 3.6 degree arc of Moon’s orbit, which is, on a globe model, like 1.5 million miles, is like 15,000 miles.A 3.6 degree of an arc of Earth’s circumference, which is, according to the globe model 25,000 miles, is like 250 miles.The Moon still travels at 2,290 miles per hour…but the shadow of the Moon still travels at 38 miles per hour, because if the shadow needs 27.3 days to do a 360 degree around Earth’s circumference, it needs a 0.273 days to do a 3.6 degree arc.

   The duration of the August eclipse, across the U.S., takes almost 91 minutes.Let’s use 90 minutes.In 90 minutes, the shadow of the Moon will travel like 55 miles on Earth, while the Moon travels 3,435 miles in its orbit.

   There cannot be another way, on a globe Earth, with a Moon completing a full orbit in 27.3 days.

   This is the big picture both of you, Jeran and Mike, are missing.First, you accept a simulation that is incorrect, because such a simulation is impossible today.Secondly, you guys are looking at this eclipse without looking at the entire heliocentric model, and thirdly, you both are assuming that the shadow of the Moon travels are roughly the same speed as the Moon does (with the necessary corrections on a sphere).

   If you both agree that this eclipse can work on a spinning globe, part of a heliocentric model, than you guys also MUST agree that a the shadow of an object circling another object ONCE, will somehow do 27 circles around that object.

   The object, and the shadow, will do EXACTLY one full 360 degree circle.It is like running around something, stop, and look at your shadow moving 27 times more around that something.This is how you guys think the Moon’s shadow during an eclipse, works on a spinning globe.

   Again, I have no idea why you think this eclipse can work on the globe model, but get your shit together and rectify your positions.


Flat Earth Education.


2 thoughts on “Jeran Campanella and Mike Helmick don’t get this eclipse

  1. It’s as if , they keep us listening week after week, but never much new FE information. We keep our minds closed because we think they are researching for us. Now this eclipse thing is coming, and they keep quiet for as long as possible about it, but now it’s so close , it’s unavoidable, so they talk, but right off the bat, they say it’s ok, it can work, nothing going on here, next subject???? Seems really fishy to me.


    1. I am thinking that they are trying to “reach” the globe supporter, by accepting that this eclipse work, in order to have a dialogue that is more than “idiots”, “do not have children” and “fuck you retarded flat earthers”.It is like two sides that need a common ground for talking, instead fighting.I would personally not agree with any sort of heliocentric model explanation, unless the globe supporters agree that flat earth also have valid points.Until now, they said that ALL explanations on how the Flat Earth works are void.I don’t know why Jeran and Mike agreed with globe supporters explanations of a solar eclipse working perfectly on a globe.It is basically saying “the Earth is a fucking spinning globe”.In my book, they both did a massive mistake, and if they do not rectify it, ASAP, it will cost them.I don’t know if it’s fishy, but it does look like it is.


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