Because science proved it

This is the most probable answer if you ask someone who is not a flat earther “How do you know the Earth is a globe?”.

   Well, some people’s first answers are on the lines of “gravity”, or “boats over the curve”, or “we’ve seen photos”, or whatever, but in the end, because most people are ignorant, and they know that they cannot answer properly, in the end, they choose “because science proved it” answer.

   If there was a proof of the indoctrination we all have been subject to, is this answer.Accepting someone else thinking for you is the ultimate proof of indoctrination.Nobody is asking anyone to just drop whatever they do, and start learning to become a physicist or an astronomer.

   And if the next question is “How do you know the science actually prove it?”, they will say “I am not a scientist, but I believe that science is right”.

   It is a long process to become a flat earther.All flat earthers were indoctrinated, me and you included.But all flat earthers knew that this world is full of lies, that we all have been lied for centuries, wars are based on lies, history is full of lies…so, it was a bit easier to accept that it is possible, and most likely probable, that we also have been lied about the shape of the world we live in.

   Still it took weeks to months, depending on the person, to become a flat earther.None of us, at least those that publicly admit to be a flat earther, have a degree in astronomy or physics.But this did not stopped us to look into this Flat Earth subject, and start learning.We had to learn, as much as we could and we were able to, about the heliocentric model.We found questions with answers that were illogical, or contradictory.So, we had to learn astronomy, and physics, trying to answer to those questions.

   We realized that a flat earth answers better to a lot of questions, with practical, scientific experimentation, and the heliocentric model answers are just theories.Most of the times, theories answering theories.We understood that science was either wrong, or it was intended to be wrong.

   Either way, we understood that science proves a flat, immovable world.But again, this was not overnight.Each and every one of us, flat earthers, needed weeks or months, before accepting that science was wrong.We realized very soon in our journey that the science was wrong, we just did not accept that the science was wrong.We thought that maybe we were wrong, the science was right, and we didn’t have the complete answers.

   And we learned some more.And than much more, up to the point where we become as close as possible to an astronomer and a physicist.Just without a piece of paper called a diploma.

   Science did not prove that the Earth is a spinning globe in an infinite space.We were been told that science proved it, without being presented ANY proof.It was a shocking moment, especially for me, a sci-fi guy, to realize that there is NO proof whatsoever, that the Earth is how they told us.I was 100% sure, that there is no way that flat earthers, me included, could be right, and centuries of science, and thousands of scientists were wrong.

   And because it is unbelievable that centuries of science and thousands of scientists to be wrong, is one of the reasons why people don’t even want to look into Flat Earth.But more and more people start to look into Flat Earth, because we are curious, and because this topic is everywhere now.

   In the words of agent Smith : “It’s inevitable”.


Flat Earth Education.


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