21st August 2017 solar eclipse – why it doesn’t work on a spinning globe Earth

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   There are different opinions on the subject.All globe supporters say that because the Moon is traveling around the Earth at twice the speed the Earth is spinning around its axis, the shadow of the Moon cast on Earth will do the same during an eclipse.

   This is my 3rd attempt at explaining why they are wrong, and this time I will keep it simple.I will stick to the Moon’s orbital speed and Earth’s spin rotation, while the totality of the eclipse travels on the continental United Stated.

   So, we have just 3 numbers : the Moon orbital velocity (2,290 miles per hour), Earth’s spin rotation velocity (roughly 727 miles at 39 degrees North latitude) and 90.7 minutes the duration of the eclipse on the continental U.S, from the moment it touches until the moment it leaves the land.I will round-up the duration to 90 minutes.

   In 90 minutes, the Moon travels 3,435 miles in its orbit.The Moon’s shadow on Earth will also travel 3,435 miles, eastwards.The Earth spins 727 miles at 39 degree N. latitude, so, in 90 minutes, it will travel 1,090 miles, eastwards.Which means that the Moon’s shadow on Earth will travel, in real-time, 2,345 miles.

   This number, 2,345 miles, is almost the same number the “science” gives for the path length of this upcoming eclipse, across the U.S.But, because the Earth is a sphere, “science” final number for the length of the path of the upcoming eclipse across the U.S. is 2,496 miles.

   If you are one of the ones who are happy with a simple explanation, I will have to congratulate you : you are a sheep.A ruler wants one thing : to keep its subjects dumb.Keeping someone dumb is stopping it think.Thinking is complicated.If we were supposed to think simple, we would still be living in caves today.

   But because stopping someone thinking is quite hard, the masters chose another way, a better way, to keep the subjects in line : “We already solved this problem, and we will solve the future problems.There is no need for you to think.Just stick to work, watch TV, have sex and make little slaves, eat and die.”

   If you are not a sheep, you are most likely a flat earther.We, flat earthers, made the mistake and wanted to think for ourselves.We weren’t happy with SIMPLE, because while simple is good, it is never enough.Simple was not enough to explain A LOT of things.And a simple explanation is wrong, almost every time.

   Think about a solar eclipse that can make a 360 degree circle, all around the globe Earth that does not spin.How long will it take for the Moon to cast a shadow that does a 360 degree circle on a non-spinning globe Earth? It will take almost 28 days.Now spin the Earth.It will also take 28 days, but every area affected by the eclipse will witness the eclipse once/day, for 28 days.Not only that, but the shadow of the Moon will travel on Earth from East to West.

   This is a theoretical example, but if it would be real, it will be exactly as I described it.Now, half the duration of the eclipse, to 14 days.The shadow of the Moon will do a 180 on a non-spinning globe Earth, in 14 days.Add the spin, and every area on the globe Earth affected by the eclipse will witness it once/day, for 14 days.The shadow will still travel from East to West.

   So, in 28 days, the Moon does a 360 circle around the Earth, and the shadow of the Moon ALSO DOES a 360 around the Earth.In 14 days, both Moon and the shadow of the Moon do a 180 degrees.In one day, both the Moon and the shadow of the Moon do a 13 degree arc of a circle, while the Earth spins 360 degrees.And as long as the Moon needs more than 24 hours to orbit the Earth, and the Earth spins around its axis in less than 24 hours, the shadow of the Moon will ALWAYS travel from East to West, regardless of the duration of the eclipse.


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2 thoughts on “21st August 2017 solar eclipse – why it doesn’t work on a spinning globe Earth

  1. I don’t understand your logic for your theoretical example saying that the shadow would last for 28 or 14 days. The shadow depends on the moon being between the earth and the sun. It doesn’t stay in that position for that long, so how could it cast a shadow for that long?


    1. It was a theoretical example, simply because you have to start from there.Since there is no way to build a model to scale, or build a computer simulation to scale, by reducing the time of the theoretical 28 days eclipse to the actual duration of the eclipse, you can visualize how it works.The Moon have a circular orbit around the Earth, according to the main stream science.Solar eclipses take place everywhere, at different times.You cannot do the same mistake as almost everyone does, and just look at this eclipse as being the only one that ever existed or will ever exist.If you add the paths of the solar eclipses to date, you will see that they have a pattern, and combined, they form a continuous pattern.When you start shorting the 28 days duration of a theoretical eclipse, to, let’s say, 4 hours, you will see that the speed of the shadow of the Moon is the same, regardless if it is 28 days, or 12 days, or 1 day, or 10 minutes.It doesn’t matter.Also, you can “back-engineer” the eclipse duration, starting from the speeds that the main stream science give us (1,300 to 2,400 miles per hour), increase the duration of the eclipse, and you will see that the shadow will complete a 180 around the Earth, while the Moon is still on the opposite side of the Earth.You cannot have the moon cast a shadow on the back of the Earth.You just cannot look at this eclipse as a singular phenomenon.You have to take into consideration all the aspects involved, and for that, you have to start from a theory, because, in the end, the heliocentric model is a theory.


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