Science, religion and the Flat Earth

For the last 500 years or so, the humanity was force-fed with lies, lies that carved deep in our minds.Today, in the mind of most people alive, the flat Earth is nothing but religion, and the globe Earth is nothing but science.

   The reason why Flat Earth is growing and spreading everywhere is because those people who come in contact with this subject, and spend their time with this subject, realize that we have been lied to, and that the flat Earth is science, while the globe Earth is religion.

   Religion is a belief system.Pure and simple.A person can be religious without believing in a higher power.And a lot of people are religious without even knowing.As a matter of fact, everyone is a religious person.

   Science is not a belief system.A scientific theory is a belief, and as long as it is not scientifically proven to be correct, it will remain a belief.It doesn’t matter if 99.99% of the population rejects a scientific proof.They are wrong, because science is not debatable.A scientific theory is debatable, until it becomes a scientific fact.

   Even if it is a scientific fact that is not debatable, it should always be assumed that it might be wrong, because questioning and doubting a scientific fact is what makes science to be science.Not questioning science is religion.

   The entire heliocentric model, with the Earth presented as a spherical body, called planet, is 100% theoretical.There is not even a single scientific proof of this model.Well…enter the globe supporters.They will say the opposite.They will say that the entire heliocentric model is scientifically proven, and it was proven for thousands of years.

   The main problem that globe supporters have is that they are religious fanatics and they don’t know it.They see themselves as anything but religious, simply because they do not understand that what they have been taught as being science is actually a full-blown religion.They belong to the biggest religion on Earth.Almost 91% of the people alive now, are members of the Globe Cult.

   The globe supporters also don’t know what experimental science is, they also don’t know what scientific extrapolation is.They are confusing, heavily, experimental science with theoretical science and observation.For example, we have been taught that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and because we live on a spinning ball, we have the impression that the Sun rotates around us.With this “truth” in our minds, the sunrise and the sunset makes perfect sense.HOWEVER, looking at how the Sun rises and sets is not an experiment, it is an observation.

   For a globe supporter, the sunrise and the sunset are scientific proofs that the Earth is both a spinning ball and revolves around the Sun.But this observation was never proven by experimental science.No scientific experiment, to date, proved that the Earth spins or that it revolves around the Sun.Earth’s spin and revolution around the Sun are nothing but theories.And we have every right to debate a theory, regardless how many people believe in that theory, and regardless WHO believes in a theory and WHO promotes that theory as being a fact.

   With the Flat Earth, things are exactly opposite.The Flat Earth is exclusively based on experimental science.Yes, we don’t know a lot about how the Flat Earth works, or even what it is.Still, we know that we live on a motionless, flat world, because of a couple of scientific facts.

   The first one is that nobody, to date, was able to prove, scientifically, that there is a curvature.But because the lack of proof doesn’t automatically means that the opposite is real, and because we, flat earthers, are not religious people, in the process of trying to find the curvature, we did hundreds of experiments, that proven that there is no curvature.

   So, one side, we have no experiment proving the curvature, and on the other side, hundreds of experiments, all over the world, proving the lack of curvature.Scientifically speaking, at this point, there is NO CURVATURE, and until the curvature is not proven, scientifically, our world is flat.

   The second one is linked with the curvature.Water.I will make an article in detail about water, but for now, I will be short.According to science, over 70% of our world surface is made up of ocean’s water surfaces.If we live on a ball, the water surface of oceans MUST be curved.And because gravity is constant force and water is a liquid, the curvature of the Earth must also be present on oceans, and aside waves, it must be a fairly nice curve.

   We, the humans, have the means to detect this curvature over oceans.We have boats and we have lasers.We know a lot of math and physics.Why, to date, we did not prove the curvature of the Earth over water? It is not rocket science to have a laser on the sea shore pointing at a boat that moves away from the laser.Why nobody did that?The answer is simple : it will prove the lack of the curvature, and it will be game over for the globe cult.

   But, again, because flat earthers are not religious, we used what we had at our disposal, and tried to find the curvature over water.Laser experiments over lakes proved the lack of the curvature.Water is a liquid, gravity is a constant force.There is no way that oceans have curved water  surface, while lakes, ponds, rivers, canals have flat water surface.

   Math is limited.To prove a fact, mathematically, one must apply the math to scientific facts.Applying math to a theoretical model, as the heliocentric model is, and using the results to prove that something is real, is not science, it is religion.It is basically the same as proving that God is real, by saying that Jesus is his son.

   If you assume that Jesus is the son of God, and your assumption is not based on scientific facts, God is theoretical.If you assume that gravity is what makes the Earth a sphere, and your assumption is not based on scientific facts, the ball Earth is theoretical.

   Gravity is a theory, but globe supporters consider gravity to be a scientific fact.The spinning globe Earth is another theory.Both gravity and the spinning globe Earth are theories that supports each other.You cannot have gravity without a globe.You cannot have a globe without gravity.You cannot have God without Jesus.You cannot have Jesus without God.

   I am sorry globe supporters, but you guys are religious fanatics, members of a cult that rules this world, and you don’t even realize that.We, flat earthers, are not fighting against science, we are fighting against religion.

   We are fighting against a religion that enslaves all of us, YOU globe supporters included.And we will keep fighting, because we are winning.It’s been just 3 and a half years since this fight started.And it might take 3 more.Or 10 more.It doesn’t really matter.10-15 years, on a historical scale is a sneeze.We do not fight for us, we fight for everyone.

   Be part of this fight, globe supporters, because as soon as we reach the third stage of the critical mass, questions will be answered, and all this heated debate will stop sooner rather that later.


Flat Earth Education.



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