People’s visceral reaction to Flat Earth topic

   We all have seen it.And we still seen it, every time this topic arises between a flat earther and those who are not flat earthers.

   You can talk, with anyone, about reptilians, aliens, simulated reality, parallel universes, vampires, religion…you name it, but you won’t get the reaction you get just from saying “the earth is flat”.

   The reaction is as powerful as if you are threatening their lives.The rejection is unnatural.Why the reaction is so powerful? Why this topic is considered absolute insanity, while talking reptilians or vampires or aliens is not?

   To understand the reaction to Flat Earth topic, we have to understand first the reaction to other topic.And I will talk about aliens and vampires, because are the most popular and because the reaction to aliens or vampires topic is based on the same mind-set as the reaction to simulated reality or parallel universes or whatever else, except Flat Earth.

   There have been made loads of movies about vampires, and even more about aliens.Most fantasy movies are about vampires or imply the existence of vampires, while every single sci-fi movie, even if there is no alien present in the movie, automatically implies the existence of aliens.Aliens and vampires, while there is no proof of their existence, they exist on the TV and cinema screens.

   People are born with intelligence, but we are dumbed down by the education system and later by the main stream media.We have been indoctrinated to accept the possibility of something, and utterly reject the possibility of something else.Our life is flooded with movies, and the best money-making movies are science-fiction movies and fantasy movies.

   We have been indoctrinated, by being exposed to an educational system that teaches us to reject creationism, and embrace evolution, advanced alien civilizations and randomness.Flat Earth is, in the minds of most people, as being proof of the Creator, because for generations, we have been told so.And because we have been taught that there is no Creator, by association, we have been taught that the Earth is not flat.Not only that, but we also have been indoctrinated to believe that people who think that the world is flat, are nuts.

   However, this is not the case with vampires or aliens.While we are being told that aliens and vampires do not exist, in the same time, we are being presented with the possibility that vampires might have existed at some point, and aliens are practically presented as being extremely probable to exists, but they live so far away, that nobody will see one in their life time.If you add the zombie “franchise” to aliens and vampires, you will understand perfectly why people don’t give a shit if you told them “aliens, zombies and vampires do not exist” or tell them “aliens, zombies and vampires can exist”.

   Most people embrace both possibilities, that they exist or they don’t.And this is the reason why people do not have a visceral reaction to the topic of whatever : aliens, zombies, vampires, reptilians, parallel realities, simulated reality, etc.

   The visceral reaction to “I think the Earth might be flat” resides in rejecting it as being as a possibility.It is exactly the same reaction I had, you had, and every flat earther had when first heard about Flat Earth.We rejected the POSSIBILITY.

   Those who are at the roots of this sick system we live in, and those that continue and “improve” this sick system are right about one thing : Flat Earth basically proves that a Creator exists.Accepting Flat Earth as a possibility is accepting the Creator as a possibility.Most people are afraid of the possibility of a Flat Earth, because they are afraid of the possibility of a Creator.

   And this is the reason why first reaction, of most people, towards the possibility of a Flat Earth.It implies the possibility of a Creator with EVERYTHING that comes with it.Accepting Flat Earth is LIFE CHANGING.And most people do not want their life changed, especially changed into a life where everything is no longer random, but created and every action makes you responsible.

   Deep down, people know that aliens, zombies, vampaires and all other stuff does not exists.But they also know, deep down, that God might actually exists.


Flat Earth Education.


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