The eclipse and the Cognitive Dissonance

   The inability of the globe Earth supporters to understand simple facts that go against their brainwashing is just amazing.They cannot understand that while the Moon travels around the Earth at twice the speed Earth’s rotate around its axis, the shadow of the Moon will be almost stationary, while the Earth spins 19 times faster toward East, in the continental U.S., during the upcoming August eclipse.

   I started to ask myself “Why the flat earthers understand this, and the globe supporters do not?”.The answer is simple : flat earthers and globe supporters have different mindsets.They are as different as night and day.A flat earther can see multiple, different facets of one thing, phenomenon, situation, etc., while a globe supporter can only see one, maximum 2.The moment the 3rd variable is introduced, the globe supporter mind simply “crashes”.Something is stopping their ability to see “the big picture”.

   Now we go into this eclipse…again.I did not planned to write about this eclipse today, but I am forced to do it.Antonio Subirats had a debate-hangout-live chat yesterday, about this coming eclipse.In the chat, the globe supporters were stuck to the “Moon travels twice as fast that Earth rotates around its axis”.They were unable to go past it.It’s like they were 5 years old.

   The Moon, according to science, completes its orbit around the Earth, in 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes, or 655 hours and 43 minutes.The Moon orbital speed is almost 2,300 miles per hour, or roughly 3,680 kilometers per hour.

   In this article :  I explained why the shadow of the Moon is going the wrong way.I have been told that the 2 minutes and 40 seconds duration is wrong, and that the Moon’s shadow is present on Earth for a far longer time.

   Yes, I KNOW that.I used the 2 minutes 40 seconds, because I needed a time frame and because the 2 min 40 sec is the maximum duration of the eclipse when it becomes the greatest eclipse.

   It does not matter the time frame, really.As a matter of fact, I will use the 90 minutes duration that the shadow of the Moon will travel across the continental United States.The result will be exactly the same…because the Earth STILL spins around its axis.

   So, what distance the Moon will travel on its orbit, in 90 minutes? 2,300 miles per hour / 60 minutes = 38.33 miles per minute x 90 minutes = 3,450 miles.The length of Moon’s orbit is 2,300 miles per hour times 655 hours and 43 minutes, which gives us just a bit over 1.506 million miles.

   3,450 miles out of 1.506 million miles is almost 0.23%.This is how much the Moon travels along its orbit, in 90 minutes.

   The shadow of the Moon is PROJECTED on Earth, and its path across the Earth MUST mirror the same percentage that the Moon completes in its orbit around the Earth.And because the Earth, according the globe supporters is almost a sphere, the shadow of the Moon, being projected on that sphere, will mirror the same percentage as the Moon does, BUT on a sphere measuring almost 25,000 miles in circumference.

   That 0.23% that the Moon completes around Earth, in 90 minutes, will be the same percentage the shadow completes on Earth’s 25,000 miles circumference.It will basically move like 60 miles…IN 90 MINUTES, on a STATIONARY EARTH.

   But the Earth is spinning…right, globe supporters? And in 90 minutes, the Earth  1,560 miles toward EAST.On a globe spinning Earth, the path of every single solar eclipse will always travel toward WEST, because the Moon’s shadow barely moves, while the Earth spins 1,040 miles per hour eastward.

   The only possible explanation for the shadow of the moon to travel East, along the continental United States, for 90 minutes, is if the Earth does not move and it is also flat, while the Moon and the Sun are both much smaller, are both much closer to Earth, and during an eclipse, are both much closer to each other.

   I don’t know how else to explain it.I cannot make it dumber than that.The cognitive dissonance present in the brainwashed brains of the globe supporters is still to strong in some of them.

   Watching globe supporters is like watching Theon Grayjoy from Game of Thrones when he was brainwashed by Ramsay Bolton, running back in his cage when his sister came to free him.


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