Flat Earth isn’t going anywhere

Flat Earth is here to stay.The globe supporters that don’t understand this yet, keep fighting a losing battle.They don’t even know that they are losing.And they don’t know, because their minds cannot grasp the Flat Earth phenomenon.

   Most globe supporters, especially those new to the Flat Earth subject, are repeating EXACTLY the same mistakes that older globe supporters did.The old globe supporters now focus on one single aspect of this flat vs globe debate.They accept a lot of Flat Earth arguments, but only to show that whatever works on a flat earth, also works on a globe earth.And they add the flavor of “but the globe earth is so much more credible”.

   The new globe supporters come up with stuff like rain drops prove water bends, sunsets, moon landings (I know…), “science proved it already”, “everyone knows it’s a globe”, “but gravity man!”…Guys, we have been there 2 years ago ! Spend 2-3 weeks, watch Flat Earth debunking videos, watch Flat Earth videos, write down on a piece of paper the entire list of things that we have already debated, THAN come on Facebook, YouTube, whatever and talk about this subject.

   The old globe supporters…you can see on their faces, or the way they write, that they KNOW.They no longer mock flat earthers.They no longer insult flat earthers.They are almost in the acceptance phase.And lots of the old globe supporters are now flat earthers.

   There is only one reason why people debate flat earth, for over 3 fucking years now : NO SCIENTIST talks about flat earth on a serious note! Asking a scientist to debunk Flat Earth is like asking them to sign their letter of resignation.They know that they can’t prove the globe, and because of this, they avoid the subject like plague.

   Debating Flat Earth would be a DISASTER for the globe supporters, and especially for the “scientists” that will be crazy enough to accept such a debate.Just ask them questions, and let them talk.It will be enough.

   Look, guys…Flat Earth was ignored back in late 2014, early 2015.It did not worked.After that, came mocking and insulting…it backfired.Than came the “It’s a psyop”.Again, it did not worked.Than, for a very short period of time, Flat Earth was a conspiracy, but it was already too late.Too many flat earther fought back and called the Globe Earth as being the conspiracy.

   Now what? There is nothing left in your arsenal. You used your entire ammo, and Flat Earth was like a speeding train being shot with a BB gun.

   I spent a lot of time with this subject, starting back in November 2015.Became a flat earther in May 2015.Flat Earth was, that time, like a toddler being yelled at by 1,000 adults.Later in 2015, it was like a child yelled at by a bit less than 1,000 adults.Those were ROUGH times for every flat earther.Laughing, ignoring, mocking, insulting, personal attacks, name calling, families going up in arms…

   2016 was a bit of a relief.Flat Earth grew.The army of the adults yelling dropped in numbers, quite significantly, but they were still plenty.The media jumped in and picked up the mocking.But it was already too late.The Flat Earth reached its first critical mass.It was omnipresent in the social media.From that point on, the only reaction that globe supporters had it was to fight back as hard as they could.And they did.

   When Kyrie Irvin said that he believes that the earth is flat, it was the start of the second critical mass.Flat Earth is not only omnipresent in the social media, but it is side lining everything else in the social media.Facebook Flat Earth groups are HUGE.Tens of thousands of people, per group.And there are a lot of FE Facebook groups.The main stream media also picked up on the subject more much more often than back in 2016, and they softened the mocking against FE.I give you a hint about the main stream media : they know how big Flat Earth is.They just waiting for the right moment to flood the TV screen with Flat Earth.And that moment is not very far.

   Flat Earth is not a conspiracy.This is why it keeps growing.Flat Earth is not a group of religious nuts or Internet trolls.This is why it keeps growing.Flat Earth is based exclusively on scientific facts, heliocentric model impossibilities, logic and common sense.And this is why it keeps growing.

   But here is the trick with a group of people, worldwide, that keeps growing (there are over 300 million flat earthers today, by my personal estimates) in an age when everyone is inter-connected, the information is instant, the technology is available to the masses : if that group of people is able to survive 6 months after being formed, it will grow until reaching a cap.The cap for Flat Earth is at the moment, something over 7 billion people.

   We know our world is flat.We know what psychopaths rule the world.We know that we CANNOT GIVE UP until everyone will be free.Because like it or not, Flat Earth grew and nothing changed.Over 3 years now, and nothing changed.But we know that we have to change pretty much everything.We have to change the system, while realising that nobody is free.

   Freedom is a very, very powerful thing.And when combined with the truth, people who know that they are no free, and know why, cannot be stopped.Flat earthers are beginning to realize that it is no longer about Flat Earth. Is about Freedom and Truth.Flat Earth is just a tool to open people’s minds to what reality is.

   Everyone who comes in contact to the Flat Earth topic, TODAY, is bound to become a flat earther, and it will take far shorter time.It took me almost 6 months before admitting I am a flat earther.Most new flat earthers today become flat earthers in days, because there is A LOT of flat earth information out there.

   YouTube results for Flat Earth, back in late 2014, were under 40,000.The results today, with filter set to upload date? 18,000,000. Yes, 18 million. I already talked about Facebook Flat Earth groups.You know how many were back in late 2014? Yes, you are right : NONE.And I have to talk about Google search engine.Please type the word “flat” on Google search box.All 4 suggestions in the drop down box are about flat earth.Now please type in the same Google search box the words “the earth”.You probably don’t know that coupe months ago the first 3 suggestions were about Flat Earth.Now, only the first is “the earth is flat”, and second one is “the earth is round” and the third is “the earth is flat proof”.

   BUT this is actually fucking amazing.There was NO “the earth is round” as suggestion couple months ago.The simple fact that the second suggestion is “the earth is round” is astonishing, because it means that A LOT of people no longer BELIEVE that the earth is round.They look for answers, for proofs.Millions of people type on google search box “the earth is round”???? It takes millions to even make it to the suggestions on google search engine.To be second? Probably tens of millions.

   Flat Earth is not going anywhere.And not only that, but it is growing at a pace that it is scary even for me, a flat earther.After the eclipse, I will look at the second set of statistical data that will be available, and compare it with what I had in May-June this year.I expect a sharp increase in both Flat Earth exposure in the main stream media and even a sharper increase in the number of flat earthers.

   I can see where Flat Earth is going, and I have a mix feeling.Most is happiness, but I am also a little bit scared.We are too many already, and soon, less than one year from now, we will reach the third critical mass : we will become the biggest minority in the world.There will be Asians, Whites, Blacks….and Flat Earthers.

   The scary thing is that we won’t stop until we became the majority.We are growing in numbers without ANY MARKETING, without ANY MONEY.The happy thing is that after we will be the majority (it will be not only in our life time, but I don’t see 2019 with globe supporters being the majority) things will change.For us, who want the change it will come after years.But for everyone else it will be overnight.


Flat Earth Education.


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