This coming solar eclipse is really bad news for the Globe…

Before reading this article, please take a look at my yesterday’s article, where I try to explain, as simple as possible, why this eclipse (and actually all eclipses) path is dead wrong.Here is the link : .

 Some historical data to understand why this eclipse might be the beginning of the end for the heliocentric model.The last total solar eclipse took place on August 11th, 1999.The path started in the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, India and ended up in the Bay of Bengal.The last total eclipse that crossed the United States was on June 8th, 1918, and the path was almost similar with the coming one.

   The information back in 1918 was newspapers only.The world was still in World War I.Nobody cared about why solar eclipses paths are wrong.There was no Flat Earth movement.In 1999, the information was exactly the same as it is today, with one, single, extremely exception : there was no social media back in 1999.The information was controlled as it is today, but since there was no social media, it was 100% controlled.

   Facebook was created in February 2004.Youtube one year later, on February 2005.Twitter in March 2006.And Whatsapp in January 2010.Without social media, not only that Flat Earth would simply not exist, but a lot of other topics would not exist.

   There are over 3.5 billion computers connected to the Internet today.Outside toddlers, everyone in the world is connected to the Internet.Flat Earth came back to life in late 2014, with the whole social media not only in place, but also extremely widespread.When I am writing this article, Flat Earth is a phenomenon.It cannot be ignored.It was ignored, than laugh at, than debated fiercely debated…and outside the most ferocious globeheads, the world is basically waiting to see, without even knowing, where this Flat Earth “thing” is going.

   I am saying “without even knowing”, because most people still ignore the subject, but I believe that everyone at least heard about Flat Earth.

   This eclipse is the biggest media event since 9/11 2001.The United States will be the lucky ones.No other country is in the totality path.Every media outlet, from big networks, to high school newspapers, will talk about this eclipse, milking the subject until the next juicy subject arises.But…not only the media outlets.The entire social media will do the same.Flat Earth is omnipresent in the social media.This eclipse already started a heated debate between flat earthers and globeheads.The flat earthers say that the Moon is not moving faster than the Earth’s spin rotation, while the globeheads say the opposite.

   I have already explain that the Earth is spinning 27 times faster than the Moon is orbiting the Earth.And I will not repeat it.

   What I want to point out is that the main stream media and the social media will be all over this eclipse, and the most juicy subject will be Flat Earth.Not only that they won’t ignore, because they can’t, but the topic of Flat Earth, especially when linked to this eclipse is TOO GOOD to be passed.

   I really cannot say if Flat Earth topic will explode before the eclipse, all over the world, but I am quite sure that it will right after the eclipse is over.The media, especially the American one, is milking every subject until there is nothing left, and if they don’t find another subject, they milk an already drained subject.

   I think that Mark Sargent was right.He repeatedly said, in the last 3-4 months, and especially after the Denver Post first page article, that Flat Earth as it is today, won’t make it until the Flat Earth International Conference in November this year.He thinks that some events will make the Flat Earth, from being the top social media topic, became the top main stream media topic.This coming eclipse was not even on the radar, be it the Flat Earth radar, or anyone else.It basically did not exist in the media until couple days ago.


   Yes, the media will milk this eclipse, and after it is over, they will milk the next subject.But they are in the same boat as the majority.They have no idea that the next milky subject is going to be Flat Earth.It is bad news for the Globe because the last thing “they” want is for people to be exposed to the Flat Earth.

   I might be wrong, and I was mostly wrong my entire life, when tried to predict events.But somehow I think that this time I might be right.


Flat Earth Education.


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