Why is so hard to make people look into Flat Earth?

   I think the main reason is the fear of being considered an uneducated weirdo.Most people, because of how the educational system works, are uneducated, even if they have a college degree.That college degree, assuming that the person who have it actually used those 4 or 5 years to learn, instead partying and drinking, only represents the education received on a single, at most two domains.

When Flat Earth is mentioned to someone, or that someone sees a Flat Earth article on a paper, or on TV, or on Facebook or YouTube, the first reaction is to laugh.And it is a normal reaction.I had it, you had it, every flat earther had it.

Any person that lacks wisdom, will don’t go past laughing at Flat Earth, until the subject is everywhere.An intelligent person will immediately go from laughter to refute Flat Earth, because “I am intelligent enough not to waste my time looking into a subject that clearly is stupid”.

 A wise person, who have enough life experience and intelligence, will understand that, after laughing, at first, it is NOT a waste of time looking into other’s people opinions, regardless if that opinions, from a different point of views, sound crazy.A wise person will always consider and analyze the opinions that differ from its own.

When in a group, some people laugh at jokes that they don’t get.Why is that? It is because they do not want to become a “target”.They fake that they understand the joke, because otherwise they fear that they will become a joke.And because most people live in a group, be it at work, be it with friends, be it with the family, they tend to accept the values of that group, even if they don’t agree with those values.For most people it’s hard enough to change jobs, extremely hard to change friends and impossible to change their family.

Most people need the approval of their peers, and they sacrifice their own values to avoid being forced to change their job or their friends.It is no wonder why most people, when faced with Flat Earth, first thing to do is to see how their friends, family and coworkers react to Flat Earth.And most of those reactions are to label the Flat Earth subject as being stupid, because everyone in that group thinks that others will laugh at him, not with him, if he even considers going beyond the laughter and ask just the simple, logical question that normally must come : “Did anyone of us looked into it?”.

Laughing at something , or someone you don’t know is proof of stupidity.We all have been there, since childhood.

When the subject of Flat Earth resurfaced in mid-late 2014, the first reaction is society was this : “it’s just a handful of religious nuts”.And they laughed at them.In the beginning of 2015, after Flat Earth started to gain some steam on Youtube, the reaction of the society was : “it’s just a small group of Internet trolls”.And they laughed at them.And they kept laughing until 2016.When the laughter diminished.

At the beginning of this article, I stated this : “Any person that lacks wisdom, will don’t go past laughing at Flat Earth, until the subject is everywhere”.And 2016 was the year when Flat Earth started to make his presence felt in the conspiracy theory forums, everywhere.The reaction in ALL conspiracy forums was to label Flat Earth as a CIA psyop.The conspiracy theorists realized that Flat Earth is making a dent in their community, and they were afraid (and rightfully so) that Flat Earth will distract the attention from what they fought their entire lives, and they believed that it must be a CIA psyop directed at diverting people’s attention from 9/11, Chemtrails, Sandy Hook, wars, ISIS, the economy, etc.

We are almost 7 months into 2017.Flat Earth is basically everywhere.NOBODY is laughing anymore.It’s too big to be a CIA psyop. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, from laughter, dropping microphones, mocking and dancing, is now “worried” because in his view, Flat Earth proves the failure of the educational system.

From being a handful of religious nuts, to a small group of Internet trolls, to being part of a CIA psyop, Flat Earth became, in the lack of better words…reality.No matter where you are, no matter what you do, Flat Earth is there.

It was hard to make people look into Flat Earth.But we are past that.Most people still cling to their fears to be rejected by their peers, but a lot of them managed to overcome that fear, simply because they seen that not only the Flat Earth subject didn’t died, but mainly because some of their peers, if not flat earthers already, at least talk openly about the subject.

A LOT of time and work was put into reaching this point.And the people responsible for that are the notorious flat eathers, starting with Eric Dubay, and continuing with (no particular order) Mark Sargent, Rob Skiba, Jeran Campanella, Bob Knodel, David Weiss, Jon Christopulos, Jake Gibson, Math Powerland and others.But not only them.They did the heavy lifting, but all of us, flat earthers, support the burden.

Yes, it was hard to make people look into Flat Earth.And this is all that we have to do : keep making people look into Flat Earth.They will make up their own opinions.It’s not up to us to convince anyone that our world is flat.But it’s up to us to us to keep bringing up the Flat Earth until someone will prove what shape our world is, be it flat or a ball in space.


Flat Earth Education.



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