Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society is a governmental organization created with the only purpose of making flat earthers look crazy and uneducated.

   No flat earther is part of FES. No flat earther supports FES.When someone who just heard of Flat Earth, first thing it will do will be to google flat earth, and on top of the suggestions will be Flat Earth Society.And most of the suggestions on the first 3 pages relate to FES.

   It’s no surprise that once it reads that the Earth is a flying disc in space, accelerating upwards with 9.8 m/sec squared, to make up for gravity, that person will instantly refute Flat Earth and will almost never consider it again as.

   Every flat earthers knows that gravity doesn’t exists.The moment someone accounts for gravity as being real, will promote the globe.The Flat Earth Society does it.

   We are no longer in 2014, where 99% of the Flat Earth content came from the Flat Earth Society.We are in 2017, and YouTube alone have over 18 MILLION results with “flat earth” in the title.Facebook have dozens of flat earth groups, with millions of people part of those groups, or groups related to flat earth.

   It is time to actively point out, as much as we can, and as often as we can, that the Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition.The FES is still out there, and a lot of people still read their bullshit, first hand.

   The time for the Flat Earth Society must come to and end.


Flat Earth Education.


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