Flat Earth – the impossibility of gravity, part I

 I think everyone asked, at some point, what will happen if Earth rotates slower or faster than its current rotation speed around its axis.

   In order to answer this question, the “scientists” have to also explain gravity.And basically, the gravity is a force that exists between anything that have a mass, and it’s stronger or weaker in relation to the distance between the center of those masses.

   And such, the simplest answer to our question is that if the Earth would rotate slower, you will weight more, and if it will rotate faster, you will weight less.There were “scientists” who even calculated how fast the Earth should spin around its axis for us to become weightless.

   And that speed is roughly 17,700 miles per hour , or roughly 28,500 kilometers per hour.Neat, isn’t it?

   Yeah, it is, as long as you are like 8 years old.

Before reading further, you need to know that EVERY motion is a LINEAR motion.The velocity vector is always linear, even if the full motion can be presented as a circle, for better understanding of the big picture.Every motion is composed of a multitude of linear motions.

   The Earth rotates around its axis, and everything on Earth moves in space, in relation to Earth’s surface.But, the Earth also orbits around the Sun, at roughly 66,000 miles per hour, or 105,000 kilometers per hour.The Earth also orbits, with the Sun and the entire solar system around the Milky Way galactic center at roughly 517,000 miles per hour, or roughly 827,000 kilometers per hour.And the Earth also orbits, with the Sun, the solar system and the Milky Way around “the great attractor” at roughly 14 MILLION miles per hour, or roughly 22 MILLION kilometers per hour.

   Now, we are told that we cannot feel this motions, because, first, there is no acceleration, and second, because of relativity.Now, most of us know the difference between speed and acceleration, but only very few of us know what relativity is.

   If the Earth moves, in space, we also move, in space, with the same speed.Gravity is able to keep us on the surface of the Earth, while Earth’s rotates round its axis at 1,000 mph (1,600 kmph), but the same gravity, with the same gravitational pull is able to keep us on the surface of the Earth while the Earth moves around the Sun at 66,000 mph (105,000 kph)?

   We are NOT physically attached to Earth.We are not mountains.The Earth is moving at 14 MILLION miles per hour in space, but only rotates around its axis at 1,000 miles per hour.Gravity can counter the centrifugal force of Earth’s rotation of 1,000 mph around it’s axis, and we will be weightless at 17,700 mph, in other words, gravity is able to counter the movement speed of an object, not attached to Earth, as long as that object’s speed IN SPACE is less than 17,700 miles per hour.

   It doesn’t matter if that object moves around Earth’s axis…it moves IN SPACE, and there is only ONE GRAVITATIONAL FORCE that keeps it on the Earth’s surface, and that force is Earth’s gravity, and Earth’s gravity depends on Earth’s mass, and that mass is ALWAYS THE SAME.

   If the Earth would be fixed in space, and it will only spin around its axis, as long as that speed is less than 17,700 mph, Earth’s gravity is able to keep us on the surface of the Earth.

   If the Earth would not spin around its axis, but will move in space in a certain direction, as long as that movement speed is under 17,700 mph, Earth’s gravity is able to keep us on the surface of the Earth.

   We move in space, around the Sun, at 66,000 miles per hour, while in the same time we move around the center of the Earth, at 1,000 mph at the Equator.Even if this would be the ONLY two speeds, gravity would have a massive problem.It will have to counter a 66,000 miles per hour speed…but we will be weightless at 17,700 miles per hour speed.

   Earth’s gravity will have to be 3.72 times bigger, to be able to counter a 66,000 miles per hour movement speed.It doesn’t matter in which direction we move…we move.

   Add in the next speed, the one of the Sun around Milky Way : 517,000 miles per hour.This movement speed is 29 times bigger than the speed at which we become weightless, so, Earth’s gravity will have to be at least 29 times stronger to counter 510,000 mph movement speed and keep us on its surface.

   Add in the 14 million miles per hour, at which the Milky Way is moving in space, and Earth’s gravity must be at least 791 times stronger to be able to counter such a movement speed and keep us on its surface.

   I did not gave value to Earth’s mass, nor did I gave value to Earth’s gravity.I did not gave values to all those speeds : spin rotation, orbital speed around the Sun, orbital speed of the Sun around the Milky Way center, or orbital speed of the Milky Way in space.

   Relativity can bullshit us all day long about why we can’t feel all these motions in space.But gravity is not relative.It is based on mass and distance.Where I am right now, gravity can be calculated.I know my weight, I know the Earth’s mass, and I know the distance between me and the Earth’s center.I can calculate the gravitational pull of Earth, with minimal error.And that gravitational pull value is FIXED as long as I do not move.

   But I am moving at 14 million miles per hour, according to “scientific” discoveries.

   If I am moving with 14 million miles per hour, and the Earth is also moving with 14 million miles per hour, the only way for me not to be left floating in space, is for Earth’s gravitational pull to be 291 times stronger.I will weight 291 times more.The Earth’s mass would be 291 times bigger.And based on density, Earth’s volume would be 291 times larger.

   Maybe this is why we cannot see the Earth’s curvature, because Earth is actually 291 times larger.

   Or, maybe we cannot see the curvature because there isn’t one.Maybe we are able to stick to the ground because Earth doesn’t move, at all.


Flat Earth Education.



5 thoughts on “Flat Earth – the impossibility of gravity, part I

  1. This needs to be edited for proper grammar. Globe readers are already doubtful of any possibility of a flat earth. Add to that doubt a badly-written article and you will be providing fodder for even more criticism than the flat earth community is already experiencing. I would like to share this article but to do so would be detrimental because the author sounds uneducated and therefore untrustworthy as a source of information.


  2. I’m trying to educate myself on why it makes sense that the earth is flat. It is very difficult to learn anything from your website because there are grammar and punctuation mistakes in almost every sentence. These errors are so widespread that it actually makes it a challenge to understand what you are talking about it. The message is indecipherable. I would like to learn more about this topic. It would be great if you could have someone who is able to write proof the work. Thank you!


    1. I do not want to be rude or anything, but maybe you have a problem understanding not only Flat Earth concept, but also how flat earthers think, write and speak.I do understand that I am not perfect in grammar and punctuation, however, probably 90% of English speakers make more mistakes than I do.My message is not “indecipherable”.You do not understand it.For you, it seems just a mambo-jumbo, because Flat Earth, for you, also seems a mambo-jumbo.As for write-proofing what I wrote, if a computer program that I use(that maybe finds 2-3 mistakes in 500 words) cannot do it, 99.99% of the people alive cannot do it.Cheers.


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