Flat Earth – Got Dome ?

Is there a dome up there or not ? We don’t have any proof that there is a dome, so the answer should logically be : “We don’t know”.

   However, humans are curious creatures, and “I don’t know” is not a good answer.We want and answer, regardless of what the answer could be.There could be a dome, but there also could not be one.

   I, personally, lean towards a dome, and I have a number of reasons why. In the Flat Earth community, there are basically only a couple of common view points, that all flat earthers agree : the first one is that our world is flat, and the second one is that there is a Creator.

   But from that point on, the flat earthers split in two big categories.The first category believes that we live on a very small area of an infinite plane, and the second one believes that we live on a much smaller flat plane, protected by a dome, and everything else around us is water.As infinite ocean.

   There are subcategories in within the above two, that believe that we live on an infinite plane, on a small area, but we are protected by a dome.The next subcategory goes and adds another area, similar to the one we live in, also protected by domes.There are also the ones who say that we live on an infinite plane, with a multitude of areas like the one we live on, but there is only one single dome, extending above us in all directions, being parallel to the infinite plane, so, it is also infinite.

   As for who the Creator is, some will say it is God, an all-powerful being who created everything.Others will say it’s God-like, maybe a civilization, or a group of civilizations, more advanced that us, that created almost everything.Almost everything, because they were also were created by God.

   At this point, the majority of flat earthers believe that there is a dome, be it a single dome over a single area on an infinite plane or infinite ocean, be it a multitude of area , each with its own dome, or just one , infinite dome.Only very few from our community believe that there is no dome, at all, and we live on some type of dimension we aren’t able to understand.

   I, personally, believe we live on an encircled area, on an infinite plane, with an infinite depth, and that our area is protected by a dome.The scientific observations, proved that the air pressure, and such, the air density, sharply decrease with altitude.We have an average of  1000 mbar at sea level, and just at 10 km height, the pressure drops to 265 mbar.At 40-50 km height, the air pressure is close to zero, and there is almost no air molecules.

   Since it is obvious that there is no way our atmosphere to exists next to a vacuum, it’s also obvious that there is a barrier, keeping the atmosphere from going into space.However, since there is no scientific proof for space, spinning globe or heliocentric model, and the scientific proofs for a flat world are plenty, it’s logical to assume that our world is flat and the air we breathe it is enclosed by a barrier in the shape of a dome.

   It’s logical that an enclosed, flat world to have a dome protecting it.Now, the dome can start from inland of known Antarctica or start 100,000 miles from inland of known Antarctica, it doesn’t really matter, it will be shaped like a dome.The only difference would be the height from the middle of our world (the North Pole) to the tip of the dome.

   I lean-to believe that the dome starts well beyond the so-called South Pole, and the main reason is that there must be enough space inside the dome to keep the Antarctic Barrier permanently frozen.

   We might believe that there is a dome, or that there isn’t. The logical answer is that there is some sort of barrier, probably shaped like a dome. But until we do not have the solid evidence, we don’t know. The religious flat earthers give credit to the Bible, and for them, it’s proof enough that there is a dome, and there is an infinite ocean of water around us.

   While I believe that there is a dome, and I also accept the possibility of an infinite ocean of water, the Bible is not a scientific proof. For me it’s not enough. The entire reason why I am a flat earther is exclusively based on scientific proofs.There are none for the globe, and lots for a flat plane.And this is why I only lean towards a logical existence of a dome.The Bible does not provide the evidence for the dome.

   If there is a dome, or not, at this point, it doesn’t really matter.We are still at the point where almost 90% of the world population can’t accept even the possibility of a flat earth.It is absolutely pointless to argue between us if there is a dome or now, where is it, or what is made of, as long as the flat earth community is still a minority.

   Let’s open people’s minds, let’s help them understand that we live on a flat world.After we will reach the majority, we will search for an evidence of the dome.But if we keep fighting between us whether is a dome or not, we will never reach that majority that will allow us to look for the dome.


Flat Earth Education.


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